August 5th Question of the day!!


Moms girl...
Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 2:53am PST 
Last night we had really bad weather...a tornado!! Our question is you freak during thunder storms?? Do you hate bad weather??

Moms girl...
Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 2:56am PST 
Yes!! We were all huddled together in the basement!! Usually during thunder boomer's Lucas and I try to get in the bath tub shrug Mom has no idea why...she thinks I just follow Lucas and Logan just follows me...or we all try to get on moms lap....we do not like strong winds or boomer's...bottom lineconfused
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Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 7:01am PST 
OMD I can't believe you guys had a tornado! eek That must of been crazy! My pittie friend Stormy tries to get in the bathtub too when it's bad outside. I've never done that but we had storms yesterday too. Mom took me out for a walk while it was raining and I don't really like it. In fact if I even HEAR the rain falling hard like that, mom has to pull me out of the house! I just don't like water on me. When we got back home, mom was laughing at me cause I ran around rubbing myself on the leather couch trying to dry myself off. blue dog


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Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 5:05pm PST 
You had a tornado, Riley???!!! OMD!!!! To answer the "Question of the day," YES!!! and YES!!! Storms freak me out. If they come during the night or early morning, I keep my mom up because my panting shakes the bed or I'm moving around trying to get under the covers or I'm backing up so far into the headboard that I'm almost sitting on her head.

Moms girl...
Barked: Tue Aug 5, '08 5:12pm PST 
HI Coco...hug I have missed you!!...yes we did and believe would of fit right in....we were all doing the panting ...Logan of course resorted to some whining Lucas and I just huddled and trembled and got as close as humanly possible to mom and dad...All is well so that is a good thing...we were about 5 miles away from the tunnel cloud we did have serve wind...85mph and lightning and thunder it was pretty scary!! Mom was scared too she has never been through anything like it...needless t o say none of us got much sleep...