August 4th Question of the day!!


Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 3:57am PST 
If you could have your own theme song....what would it be??laugh out loudthinkinglaugh out loud

Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 4:00am PST 
dancing Mine would be "Sugar Sugar" by the Archies....!!!!
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Born to Play
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 5:51am PST 
hamster dance

It would have to be 'I'm a Maniac'.... you know this one...

"She's a maniac, maniac on the floor. And she's dancing like she's never danced before."

Especially when I'm playing with my Wubba!

hamster dance


Moms girl...
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 7:48am PST 
I love it...hamster dancehamster dance Maniac hamster dance

Sqeaky Toys- beware!
Barked: Mon Aug 4, '08 9:09pm PST 
Hmmmmthinking well we have been thinkin and thinkin...and we can't come up wif anythingfrown...

except maybe "These (Boots) Paws are made for walking and walkin is just what they'll do" "I am gonna walk all over you...da da do da da do
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