Never Received Mine :(

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Make people- smile!
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 1:08pm PST 
Wow I still have not received my kit and that was a long time ago. But, that is okay, I hope everyone is enjoying theirs...

The- Wigglebutts

Rockin' All- Night Long
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 5:42pm PST 
We never got ours either....frown

But we're glad the others got theirs applause

Squeak if they- touch your paws!
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 6:09pm PST 
us neither, but we got a bunch of special febreze gifts from our pals. not sure how that happened!

Murphy- (Ozdogz- Minstral- McLoch

Where's- mom?
Barked: Fri Aug 1, '08 10:22pm PST 
We didn't either...but then we are in Canada...maybe thats why. And I don't know anything about the gifts either...I got lots of them but I've not been able to share any with my furiends. Murphy
*Rowdy*- 08/06/2006-0- 2/17/2015

Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 1:06am PST 
I didn't get any either to share with my friends. frown

I did receive several from friends and I would like to thank you very much for thinking of me. big grin hug hug hug hug
Fungi, BH

Zoom-Zoom-Zoom- Zoomiiieeesss!!!
Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 3:54am PST 
We got ours. Mommy gave Princess a few things and she uses the bag for all my training gear.
frown Maybe the pups that didn't get one yet will get one soon. It took a while to get ours. Mommy even forgot about it until the UPS guy showed up at work and brought it to her.

I fetch,- therefore I am.

Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 12:15pm PST 
We're supposed to get stuff? thinking
Collin John

The Boss
Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 1:56pm PST 
We never got ours either. But I think we buy Fabreeze by the case anyway or it seems like it! I love it. blue dog

I Love to give- Ear Kisses
Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 7:39pm PST 
We never received ours either shrug We have received so many cute gifts from our friends and such sweet notes attached. We wish we knew how they got those collars? We would like to share with our friends also, if we had some....thinking

Cookie Monster- rules!!!!
Barked: Sat Aug 2, '08 11:30pm PST 
We never got ours either.

blue dog
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