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How/when/where did you meet your family???
Tell me all about it!blue dog

Moms girl...
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My dad found me on Petfinder...I was living in Arkansas with my step mom Shawn and her husband. They had found my fur mom and my siblings and I in the woods!!shock Shawn guessed we were about 5 days old if that.
My dad contacted Shawn...they made arrangements for me to fly to Chicago...my parents were living in NY at the time however would be visiting family in Indiana. So on July 30th I flew in and met my mom...and dad at the airport!!confused I was a little dopey on medicine the vet had given me to keep me calm....I saw my mom who was crying!! She should have been smiling ear to ear at my cuteness!!!big grin I went right to her and promptly feel asleep in her armscloud 9 Next thing I know I am meeting Logan and Lucas...ummm Logan was a little rude to me being jealous and all...Lucas however was so sweet and nice to me. Logan came around and we are of course best friends/partners in crimelaugh out loud Then after all that as if I did not suffer enough in one day dad gave me a bath!!! He wonders why mom is my favoritewink

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Riley, you should have your pawrents submit your ‘happy tail’ to Petfinder.com ( Happy Tail ). My mom submitted mine on my two year annifursary and they posted it on the same day, which made my mom smile. Here’s my story:

I was living in New Orleans when Hurricane Katrina hit. My mom guesses my original pawrents were in the process of leaving after the hurricane hit and realized they couldn't take me with them because they drove up to an animal rescue vehicle and handed me off. The gentleman who took me brought me back to Atlanta with several other dogs. I had a large fatty tumor (lipoma) on my side, so he took me to the vet -- had the tumor removed, got my shots and anything else I needed.

After my surgery and recovery, I went to live with a wonderful foster family here in Georgia. The owner of Pets To Be, Inc., agreed to place me with their rescue group and add me to their Web site so I could find a forever home. I was adopted, but unfortunately, it didn't work out and I was returned to my foster family.

I was with my foster family again for a while until my mom saw my photo and bio on Petfinder.com. Since I was dealing with some shy/fear issues, my foster family, the rescue group, and the sister of the man who brought me to Georgia wanted to be VERY sure my next adoption would be forever. So, they required my mom visit with me a few times. It usually took some time for me to warm up to people, but my mom and I hit it off right away. We even had some trial time together in her home. My mom says she knew even before the trial that the adoption was going to happen, but because of my history, they had to be sure. Well, that was two years ago and my mom says it has been a wonderful and blessed two years --- I have to agree with her!


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wave Thanks Coco I am going to check out Happy Tail...for sure.
I love your story and I am so happy you and your mom found one another...a match made in heavencloud 9

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happy dancehappy dance happy dance

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Well...Petfinder was the way my mom found me too...smile

She was looking for a white big dog. She wanted a playmate for Gus because Raven and Wheezer started hanging out together and Gus a Mus was lonely.
She saw my piccy and went to again and again for about three days then she called the rescue, "Dead Dog Walking", cuz its a Pit Bull rescue. Mom said she had to jump through a few hoops because when they adopt out, they go to your home, check references, check to make sure you never gave a dog up again, etc, etc.
Then mom put Gus, Wheezer and Raven...oh ana gammie in the car and they drove 2 /12 hours to come get me....
I was pretty shy and quite at first, but mom said since it is romper room kingdom here I came out of it pretty quickly...he he...
I love everyone I meet and so far they sure are taken by mecloud 9