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Barked: Wed Jul 23, '08 12:21am PST 
Hi everyone,

My mommy is writing again for help for my sister Princess. She had a seizure Sunday night. She hasn't had a seizure since then, but she is having all kinds of ticks and twitches especially around with her head. She walks funny like it hurts to walk, she leans to the left and veers that way when she walks. She bumped into a lot of things especially the first day. She has weakness in her legs and some incontinence.

The vet took blood yesterday and most of the results are in and they show nothing really abnormal. Nothing to explain why she still has swelling in her brain. I have to make an appointment with a neurologist in the morning but I'm absolutely freaked out. I haven't slept much in the last days. I'm afraid she will have another seizure or that she will fall because of the unsteadiness.

She looks at me and I see her pleading with me for help to stop the twitching. She has always been so strong willed and nothing has stopped her from doing what she wanted and to see her so helpless is heartbreaking. Does anyone have any experience with this? What can I expect at the neurologist? What can I do if she has a seizure?
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Barked: Thu Jul 24, '08 11:03am PST 
Sorry to hear about Princess's troubles. Hopefully she will get better soon. Seizures are a tricky thing and can be difficult for vets sometime to get to the bottom of. The way you described Princess sounds a little like a stroke too. I have seen both dogs with seizure and stroke at the vet hospital sometimes they have different but also similar symptoms. Trembling and twitching very seizure like, but imbalances in stride or tilting to can be more stroke like.

The neurologist is more specialized in diagnosing, so you will probably get a lot better answer from him. Bloodwork can be a sham sometimes- you already got that part over wtih.

I have seen dogs with mild strokes been put on Prednisone for example, pretty much steroids to help with the symptoms.

For seizures there are a couple types of medication I have seen that can control them. One is phenobarbitol and the other is potassium bromide. Both can be strong on your pups insides over time, some vets require the get thier Phenobarb, KBr levels checked once or twice a year. I think they also make little syringes too filled with a drug that goes up the poor pooches rear end if start seizing but puts an end to the seizure very quickly.

These are some examples of things I have worked with in the past as a Vet Tech. just opinions- not a sure fire thing. Good luck with the neurologist hope Princess gets better soon.

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What Zipper said. The neurologist should be able to provide you with more information. paws crossed your appointment goes well.