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Barked: Sun Jul 13, '08 3:58pm PST 
Hello everyone!

Writing in to say hello and meet new friends! My name is Brady and I'm a Shihtzu/Poodle mix, 9 years young and 6 whole lbs of fluff!

I love naps in the sun, long walks outside and car rides with the window down..

Brady blue dog
Tedy Bruschi

Life Is Good
Barked: Fri Jul 18, '08 12:39pm PST 
Hi Brady,
We are new to this website and to this group, too. We discovered this wonderful place by seeing mention of it on "Greatest American Dog".

Tedy and I think you are a very cool dog.

Do you love me- yet? How about- now?
Barked: Thu Jul 24, '08 7:45pm PST 
Hi new pups!!! Welcome, it's wonderful to meet you.wave