Oklahoma City Getting a NBA Team


I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 2:27am PST 
blue dog woohoo, we are so excited.. Oklahoma is getting it's first ever Pro Team! Just a few miles up the street from us!

Very sorry to our Seattle pals.. we didn't have nothing to do with it.. Promise..
But we are excited to see what Groovy Team You Get soon, and what are new Team Name will be

Noah and Clay Submitted a name for them.. Hope they Pick it! Oklahoma City Rascal's big laugh

I dig it!


Good Luck OKC in 2009! happy dance

Summer Fun Is- Here
Barked: Sun Jul 6, '08 12:13pm PST 
Congrats Rascal. party Just get ready for all of Seattle to hate OKC now. Baltimore still hates us because the Colts moved to Indy and that was in the 80's!!!shrug

Having an NBA team is great fun!! Now if only the Pacers would start winning, we could have great fun tooconfused