Dog of the Month fur July

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Goddess of- Wisdom
Barked: Tue Jul 1, '08 3:42pm PST 
cheer Congrat's Bonzer, you sure do deserve it. Enjoy your month being the top dog. way to go


Grrrr's just- wanna have- fun
Barked: Tue Jul 1, '08 4:33pm PST 
applauseapplauseWooooHoooooooooo Bonzer! applauseapplause
♥- Zoee'- ♥

Have a pawsome- Summer, furs !!!
Barked: Tue Jul 1, '08 4:36pm PST 
partypartypartypartyCongrats to Bonzie partypartypartyparty Way to go pal wink


Once a EMD- always a- Entlebucher Mt.- Dog.
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 10:59am PST 
Son of a gun "Bonzer" applauseapplause

Big Congratulation to you, cheer I always knew, you have that certain indefinable way to go big grin
© Kona

Friends make me- smile!!
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 1:07pm PST 
YAY BONZER!!!! Me knows you are on vaca right now but congrats anyways! BOL blue dog blue dog cheer cheerwisheswishes

I'm a good boy!
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 9:03pm PST 
Thank you everyone, what an honor! cheercheercheer
Miss Molly

Having Fun
Barked: Wed Jul 2, '08 9:20pm PST 
happy dancehappy dancehappy danceCONGRATULATIONS BONZER cheercheercheer
way to goway to goway to goway to go You deserve the honor blue dogblue dogblue dogblue dog
Dylan aka- Dilly,my- angel

frisbee- s rule
Barked: Thu Jul 3, '08 3:15pm PST 
snoopysnoopysnoopyhamster dance
yay bonzer!!!
Sadie- KCGCDS(G)

Talking- Agility- Owner
Barked: Fri Jul 4, '08 3:05pm PST 
wtg Bonzerpartypartypartypartyhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance
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