Be proud of your B.I. membership

Rocky *Our Angel*

Always & Forever- a Gentleman
Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 2:13pm PST 
Fun stuff codes for your profile.A badge or seal to show others your a proud member of Boxers International.Feel free to add if you like to your profile & show others what we're all about here in Boxers International!snoopysnoopyYour choice of Yellow or Silver

Z-man n da- house!
Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 3:01pm PST 
applauseWow this is grrrreat!

Each day is an- adventure!
Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 4:18pm PST 
Very, very cool, Rockyapplause

Mac Macadoo

Play hard, eat- well, and sleep- often!
Barked: Sun Jun 1, '08 6:37pm PST 
Okay, my mom confesses to being a computer dummy sometimes. How does she add this seal to my page? My Mom is very proud to be a member of BI.

blue dogblue dogblue dogblue dog

If I see it,- it's MINE!
Barked: Mon Jun 2, '08 4:16am PST 
My mom is not very technical. (in fact she is a bit challenged). How does she add the seal?
Layla Ali

Hi there...wanna- be my friend??
Barked: Mon Jun 2, '08 6:12am PST 
You guys can right click on the picture and save it to your computer then add it as a picture!!!

Live, Lick, Love
Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 7:35am PST 
I LOVE it!
I am so excited that I am going to add it right now!
4 Paws up!
Love Lizzy

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Barked: Fri Aug 22, '08 8:43am PST 
I've been super duper proud to be a member of much so that I've had the logo on my page since the day I joined!! THANKS SO MUCH ROCKY for starting this thread!!!

My mom used the same method Layla suggested...just right click the image, "save as" to your desktop then upload it like you would any other picture.

Big Hugs to my B.I friends!!! hug hug hug