I have mediastinal lymphoma

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Barked: Wed May 21, '08 10:44pm PST 
My mommy said we should join this group because I was just diagnosed with mediastinal lymphoma on Friday, May 9th. I started chemotherapy on May 10th on the modified Wisconsin Madison lymphoma protocol. It's a 25 week duration treatment program.

After Saturday, I felt good- I was my normal self. On Monday when I was given my first dose of vincristine, I didn't feel so good the whole following week. Didn't want to eat, feeling nauseous, tired. Somehow the receptionist missed the doctor's Rx for prednisone the first Saturday so I actually didn't start taking prednisone til a week later. It probably would have helped, but what do I know? I'm a dog.

This past Monday I was given Cyclophosphamide but they had to sedate me first because the effusion had reaccumulated and they had to drain more fluid from my chest. I was pretty groggy all day and night. It wasn't until after 10pm that I started drinking water. But I couldn't hold down too much water because I threw it up at 3am and 6am. My mommy took away the water bowl. frown She spoke to the vet and they told me to come back in so that I could have some IV fluids to help rehydrate me and hopefully get me over this tough patch. They wanted me to spend the night to the tune of $1000-1200. Mommy & Daddy have already invested over $3000 for all the tests and treatments since I first went to the vet on Thurs the 8th. But they put me on the IV fluids for about 8 1/2 hours and my Mommy picked me up that night. They also gave me a steroid injection since I didn't want to take any of my medications on Monday.

I'm feeling a bit better now. Eating a bit. But not back to my normal self yet. Mommy continues to give me reglan (anti-nausea medication) and pepcid about an hour before breakfast & dinner. I also take prednisone in the morning. Nothing looks appetizing though, especially the stuff Mama tried to feed me while I was sick - boiled chicken, rice, ground beef, scrambled eggs, pumpkin, my regular dog food. Yuck. We need to find something that pleases all of us. I liked the Purina Beneful my grandparents feed my cousins but my mommy says it's not that good for me. Normally I eat Kirkland's Lamb & Rice or Chicken & Rice or Nutra Nuggets from Costco. But I dig it out of my bowl and spit it out now.

We'd love to hear from other doggies and families going through similar situations. Let's support one another!
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I hope you're feelin better today Barney! I'm here fur ya!hug