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Sharna *2000- - Sep 2007*

Sharna Banana - mum's angel
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 3:30pm PST 
Here is the place to post your special dates like anniversarys, birthday, gotcha day ect. Once you have posted I will add it to the events on the main page. It can be like our own calender and that way nothing will be missed.

So post awaysmile

Barked: Fri May 2, '08 4:56pm PST 
Ozzie's Gotcha day: August 8th
Ozzie's Birthday: September 14th
Angel's Birthday: November 1st
Lassie-Miss- ing Your- Smile

Devil in Heaven
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:01pm PST 
Lassie's Gotcha Day: December 25th
Lassie's Birthday: November 8th
Cherry's Birthday: February 3rd or Janruary 1st (we normally celebrate the 3rd, but the vet told us the 1st, so yeah, we don't know puppy

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Koda Bear loves- Sadie!
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:10pm PST 
March 4th- The day me and the lovely lady that posted this board got togetherlaugh out loudcloud 9cloud 9hug
♥Kena- ♥

Say the word- 'treat' and I'll- be there!
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:28pm PST 
My Barkday: April 29th, 2007

I do bad things
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:38pm PST 
My birthday is Jan. 18, 2006
Ginger ♥ [rehomed]

Am I squeezing- you too tight?- <3
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:44pm PST 
My birthday is on May 10th 2003!

Gotcha Day is on June 14th 2003! cheer

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Cherry Marie- Frizzball

Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:45pm PST 
Since I was found as a stray, we don't know for sure when my birthday is. But we do have a "symbolic" birthday to celebrate, which is on December 16th 2007.

My gotcha day is on January 16th 2008 dancing

Koda Bear loves- Sadie!
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:45pm PST 
July 9th is my 2nd birthdaysnoopy
♥- Zoee'- ♥

Have a pawsome- Summer, furs !!!
Barked: Fri May 2, '08 5:49pm PST 

blue dogcheerhappy dancepuppyhamster dancesnoopyblue dogcheerhappy dancepuppyhamster dancesnoopy
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