Hana Chan Fairy Tale!

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I'm- cute
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 3:32am PST 
I'm going to start our Hana Chan Fairy Tale and then you add to it. Can't wait to read it when it's done.

I'm- cute
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 3:33am PST 
One upon a time in the Land of Pug Pals a sweet little pug girl joined our pack. Her name was Hana Chan. A very unique name for a very unique girl. Right from the start Hana fit right in with the rest of the pack. She would come by and play with us everyday. Then one day......

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 5:31am PST 
...she was looking at the thread called "for Singles only". A little shy, Miss Hana Chan decided to get up enough courage to post in the thread. This is where Hana found her true love, Benny. Together Hana and Benny took a trip to.........

Gizmo(Rainbow Bridge)

Sweet- Boy
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 7:07am PST 
the beach where Hana and Benny had a romantic picnic. They watched the sunset and then decided to go wading in the ocean. The sea breeze chilled Hana so Benny.....

The BoBo, The- Star Of The Bobo- Show
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 7:39am PST 
Took her to the sand.

He set up towels and an umbrella, than

Lover boy!
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 7:43am PST 
...he put his blanket around her and moved in closer for a.....

Awww...sucky- sucky now
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 8:48am PST 
...snuggle under a blanket. Benny wasn't the kind of pug who would try and get a kiss on the first date, especially from someone as sweet as Hana. They had the most wonderful time and they both wondered...

I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 10:42am PST 
if this beach had sand fleas because all of a sudden they both had the urge to scratch. They both took off running toward the water...
Kingstars- Louie

I'm the Boss of- Our House!
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 1:21pm PST 
hand in hand they jumped the waves. Benny actually had is surfboard with him and they both got on it and paddled out......
Princess- Holly Anne

I am a married- Fur-Lady!
Barked: Wed Apr 30, '08 5:08pm PST 
. . . out to the the tropical Isle that they saw in the distance. Benny had a hold of Hana, and she snuggled into his neck. He felt so gushy, and mushy at the touch of her soft face against his neck. As they got to the Tropical Isle, they looked, and both smiled when they saw . . .
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