how bout that kit?

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Barked: Mon Apr 21, '08 10:53am PST 
I've been waiting for my 2 kits for a long time, I have not gotten them yet. Any ideas?

Barked: Tue Apr 22, '08 7:58am PST 
Hi pet lovers - Great news. Febreze is sending special coupon offers to ALL group members who did not receive a Pooch 'n Purr kit or benefit from the Febreze Photo Contest! But be patient -- coupons will take a few weeks to arrive!

Barked: Thu Apr 24, '08 4:33pm PST 
frown not the news I wanted to hear....


I'm a good boy!
Barked: Fri Apr 25, '08 4:43pm PST 
Me either, unless it's a coupon for a free bottle. frown

Leader of the- Pack
Barked: Fri Apr 25, '08 4:51pm PST 
It's not that big of a deal to us. It would've been nice though if we got the free stuff

Is that snack- for me??
Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 8:01am PST 
So it was just a line to get us to join the group, I remember reading "everyone who joins" gets the gift. Only reason I joined otherwise mom is too busy to worry about groups
Ya'Shee Doo

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Barked: Sat Apr 26, '08 9:24am PST 
There was nothing that said everyone that joins gets a kit it stated that supplies are limited. At least they offered a coupon to those who didn't get a kit. What is wrong with this country everyone wants something for nothing. It's poor poor me I only joined to get free stuff. Febreze was nice enough to try and make some people and their pets happy and that they did. What are they suppost to do get a phone book from every city and state and send the whole country a free kit?? Most companies haven't and wouldn't even do what Febreze has done. SO THANK YOU FEBREZE FOR MAKING SOME OF US HAPPY EITHER WAY, IF WE GOT A KIT OR NOT!!!!!

Poe's Forever
Barked: Sun Apr 27, '08 12:55pm PST 
I don't want to sound like I'm boasting here. I did receive a kit in the mail....Mom had forgotten about it being part of the sign-up reward. She was very surprised and pleased!!
We love the air-freshener (don't know quite what to do with the rubber newspaper toy though shrug ) The cat carrier is fancier than any I've ever been in before way to go
I'm sorry you all didn't receive the kit. Maybe they had so many respond that they just ran out???

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Barked: Sun Apr 27, '08 5:07pm PST 
I never got mine either whats up??????

Barked: Mon Apr 28, '08 11:27am PST 
So to those who got the kit....does it work?
Does the fresh smell last a long time??

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