Canadians! Have any of you received the kit!?


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Barked: Fri Apr 18, '08 12:42pm PST 

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Barked: Thu May 1, '08 11:46pm PST 
If anyone has questions about these kits then here is a tip contact febreeze .I did and they said I would be getting mine in a few weeks. I also contated dogster at the same time and they didnt even bother to answer so now I know I will not become a plus member why pay money to be ignored. Also if you contact febreeze make sure to put this in your email.... If you are a rep that does not know about this promo please pass along to someone that does. I did not use this the first time and was simply answered that there was no such promo. But when I used that statement in the second email a supervisor replyed.
This would be a good way to find out if they are shipping to canada.

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Barked: Tue May 6, '08 5:12am PST 
still waiting......


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Barked: Sat May 10, '08 7:13am PST 
offer not valid in Canada...I received an e-mail confirming that...frown