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Operation Hallie Come Home .

MASTER FURBY- 11/29/98-3/1- 4/12

Barked: Tue Mar 25, '08 4:11am PST 
Operation Hallie Come Home . . .

Hi pups . . .
Sorry I haven't been around much . .

I have a message for our Mid-West friends . . . pawlease spread the word:
If anyone lives in the Terre Haute area, be on the look-out for a missing pup. Hallie (the namesake for Hallie Hound Barkery - . Yesterday Hallie's folks were visiting family and this 'friend' of theirs came over to walk the dogs. He brought two other buddies and one didn't shut the front door. Hallie zipped out the door and they didn't bother to go after her. When Hallie's dad called to check how it went, the 'friend' said Hallie ran away. At first they thought he was joking, but then realized he wasn't (apparently this so-called-friend was of the opinion 'it is just a dog'). They zoomed back home and have had other actual friends and family looking for Hallie through the night and all day today.
If nothing else, say a little prayer that Hallie the hound makes it back safe and sound!


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Barked: Tue Mar 25, '08 7:14pm PST 
We Live on the East Coast and wish we could do something to help.
How ever we will be saying prayers for Hallie's safe return homeway to go
MASTER FURBY- 11/29/98-3/1- 4/12

Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 5:19am PST 
Thank You Cheech


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Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 12:26pm PST 
I don't live that far from Terra Houte. What does she look like?

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Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 1:43pm PST 
Not sure where that is, but we will pray for her safe return. How good of a friend could that be who would think "it's just a dog"? Shame on them. I hope that she is found soon, please keep us posted.

Barked: Wed Mar 26, '08 4:22pm PST 
hug Sending hugs and prayer she'll be found quickly. We live in Washington State so aren't able to help but sure can pray. Hugs, Honey Bear
MASTER FURBY- 11/29/98-3/1- 4/12

Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 3:46am PST 
THEY FOUND HALLIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thank you all
Hallie has been found
seems she was hit buy a car
thank goodness the car was going slow

her story is here

thank you again for your prayers

Master Furby smile

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Barked: Fri Mar 28, '08 8:46pm PST 
Thank you for keeping us updated master Furby. I am glad she is safe.puppy
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Barked: Mon Mar 31, '08 6:15pm PST 
cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer cheer

Great News!!