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Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Fri Mar 21, '08 7:04am PST 
Welcome to the PawSpot Bazaar! Each week the theme of the store changes! So come on by each week to see what special items you can purchase!

This week's specialty: FLOWERS


We've got all kinds... pick your favorite and enjoy a little brightness for spring!

Specify the flower that you would like!

Come Again!wave

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We miss- you- Sarai!-
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 11:13am PST 
I want an iPawd!

Come into my- yard and all- bets are off
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 1:00pm PST 
Could I have a paw phone! big laugh

Little Man- Stone

Here Cames- Trouble
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 1:07pm PST 
Can I have an Easter Basket with treats, Please

Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 1:52pm PST 
*bags up purchases*

ENjoy! Come again!
♥Mayb- elle♥

~~~It's all- about me!~~~
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 7:06am PST 
Can I get an Easter basket plz Molly?

Beagles and- Pitbulls make- one good mix!
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 7:30am PST 
Happy Easter, Maybelle! *hands her the basket* Enjoy!
♥Arwe- n♥

chubbes wubbies- ,arwen
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 9:53am PST 
molly , i would like eastr basket with couple of toys , candy and paw phone!!

Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 9:58am PST 
*bags up Arwen's purchase* Enjoy! Happy Easter!

Max. ((;
Barked: Sun Mar 23, '08 12:46pm PST 
Can I get a dozen Easter baskets? laugh out loud Please and thank you! balloons
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