We are new here so we want to send a big WOOF out!


Daddy's Best- Buddy
Barked: Thu Mar 20, '08 6:23pm PST 
Even though this says Kane is the auther this is a big howdy from all of us. We look forward to getting to know everyone.wave

Abby,Kane,Molly, and Gage
Saphira ♥ )O(

The Hot- Tub- Pup
Barked: Fri Mar 21, '08 11:24am PST 
Oh boy, oh boy! We are SO glad you came to play with us snoopy

Zapp a- ROOOUUUOO(HE- ROOS Tryin to- talk)
Barked: Sat Mar 22, '08 1:14pm PST 
Hi ya'll,
Wanted to send a big woof bak, and hopefully make new friends
Im new here too and trying to figure all the site has to offer and wat will be useful and fun for zapp and I, but like most people my time is limited... So I guesss wat Im saying is I could use any help on this mission I can get... So please, be a friend, and if u find neat stuff share, and Ill do the same...wave... hope to hear from ya soon

POP 1994-2010

the real Pop
Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 12:35pm PST 
Hello in there! I found this group searching helplessly something new and I found this one!! looks great!! I'm from france and I love games!! cheercheer

Barked: Thu Nov 20, '08 6:01pm PST 
wavewavewavewavewavewave Hi Kane and welcome!