What happen to the kit?

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Chloe Moey
Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 3:30pm PST 
i just got my free kit in the mail today!! yaayy me!! too bad my chloe is too big for the dog carrier and too small for the bandana! oh wells... i love free stuff!!

Barked: Thu Mar 27, '08 7:37pm PST 
wishes didn,t get a kit yet here hope it comes some say on other boards there getting them now.

It's my world,- you just live in- it.
Barked: Mon Mar 31, '08 1:21pm PST 

No kit yet in ol' Spokane WA. Lotsa SPAM in my email since signing up though. HMMMMMMMMMM. thinking


I love Toto
Barked: Mon Mar 31, '08 6:25pm PST 
Have not gotten mine either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!eek

Lt Commander- Aboard the USS- Enterpurrise
Barked: Mon Mar 31, '08 7:05pm PST 
I haven't gotten mine yet either!

Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 10:51am PST 
Hey Pals,

It's official - my Mommy told me that her friends at Febreze have started to send out the Pooch and Purr Kits and I know many of you have already received them. Hope you're enjoying! Just a reminder, supply was limited and the kits are sent on a first come, first serve basis - so not everyone who signed up for the group will receive one. But keep hangin' out to hear about other cool stuff. Oh yeah, and my mom would love to hear your barks and meows!

Woof Love,

Snow Leopard- >^..^<
Barked: Fri Apr 4, '08 2:47am PST 
Whisker-greetings efurrybuddy! kitty puppy

I furr sure signed up to meet new furriends, but so far I've only seen 2 kitty pages and all dogs (I love doggies but am unable to send any furriends requests to Dogster members furr some reason) shrug

I also signed up to try the free kit of products and haven't gotten mine either. If supplies ran out then I guess I don't mind because my meowmy has just started thinking thinking thinking that their items are probably tested on animals confused (BAD!!!!) cry since they are such mainstream products. So maybe it's better that we didn't get it afterall.

hug Group Hugs and wishes Best Whisker-Wishes to all!

>^..^< Sammy, California boy
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