The BI "Wall of Fame"

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Gator Girl
Barked: Mon Nov 3, '08 9:04pm PST 
cheercheer Congrats on diary of the day Zeuscheercheer
You Rock!!!

You going to eat- that????
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 4:39am PST 
Congrats Bella on Diary Pick of the Day, cheercheercheer

Is it time to- eat yet?!?
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 6:33am PST excited as I am - I don't think I am a pick of the day. I would love to take some credit, but I am an honest girl.

Unless you know something I don't know. Our mom has been super duper busy and we haven't had as much dogster time as we'd like...I wasn't picked earlier, was I? Oh, I would be so sad if I missed it.cry


Gator Girl
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 9:01am PST 
Bella, I click on the the diary of the day picks and your picture was on the left side of the page, doesn't this count?, Maybe I don't know what I'm doing ? But I did see your picture last night.

Z-man n da- house!
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 11:24am PST 
Awwww, thanks!! We were pleasantly surprised!! wave

Each day is an- adventure!
Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 12:07pm PST 
Woo Hoo.....way to go Z-Man cheer

Bella.....whoa!!! way to go girl! I'm sure Allie is right, if your picture is there you were picked.....

We Boxers are so 9
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