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Barked: Sun Mar 9, '08 3:29pm PST 
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Hi, I'm still sore and not back to my self yet ... I had pyometria which they couldn't undesrtand since I'm not old enought to have that it ususally occurs in 8 years or older pugs and pugs that have been breed alot.. i'm only 2 and of course never breed, but I got my spay done they say I could have died if they waited any longer they were confused the blood work didn't show any signs of infection... They did a laser pallette on me too .. wow that hurts and they pulled 5 teeth also... My foster mom cried the morning she took me she was so scared of me going under for surgery.. we had to go to special vet to get the laser part done.. They sad there was stuff in my pallette too that was infection.. So please know this is another reason for spay and neuter... My female parts were full of infection and pus life threatening... I've been eating special diet and I'm just starting to feel better but they also remove a grade 2 mass cell tumor.... Please pray for da mama she is very upset and hasn't even been able to talk about this and we been off the computer unitl she tried some yesterday and two more female pugs came in so she is very busy and has put off surgery she needs, she has a problem too but want let us share it... so many things are going on right now just pray for her !!! It was $519.32 to have all that done all the other quotes were for $ 700.00 and more.. I think the vet like me ... He was good to me .. so Yoda may go see him with his problem...Love you all and miss you much !!!!!!
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Hi Pepper, hope you are feeling better soon. So sorry you had all those problems but I'm sure you and your foster mom will be great soon.

You can't post to the message board because who ever started this group didn't opt to have that open to all members.

So with that being said you have to post here, or start a new topic when you want to send a message and hope everyone stops by when you start a thread. Unless the owner changes the settings so everyone can post messages to the board.

Anyhow, good luck, heal fast and get out and start playing soon! way to go

Nice to meet you too.

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We will purrrrrrrrrrrrrray for you to get well. We not know what that is, though. If you're in pain, we furrrrrrrrrrrrrrry sorry!

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Hi Pepperwave Hope you feel better real soon. We love youapplause