Doggie Relay For Life??


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Okay, so this may be a strange question, but you is there anything related to relay for life, but for dogs? I was at my vet's office the other day, and there was a poster about cancer and dogs. It made me think, I am always volunteering for relay for life for the acs and I thought if there isn't a relay for life for dogs, maybe we should start one. To help with the cost of treatments and research for animals. What do you think?

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I found several on the internet that you may want to check out. (Dogster has rules about doing "money" related activities on their website to help prevent people from getting ripped off.) Some of these organizations have some good reputations and results:

Canine bone cancer (
Bernese Mtn Dog (
And probably the most well-known (

I love it when people get involved in our health-care issues!! snoopy

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Thanks so much for the advice. I have always wanted to know, where I could locate information for these issues. You're the Best!!!


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frown I know it is so sad to see the dogs like that!