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Demon Flash- Bandit

I love attention
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 12:18pm PST 
Hello Everyone,
I have no idea why Febreze needs to make a product to eliminate pet odors. I think we smell great without it; but I guess if it makes the humans happy, it is okay with me. I think that a great test of this product would be to see if it can get rid of the smell of dead birds. Birds are evil, and I'm willing to catch one, kill it, and roll around on top of it. I am a very nice dog who is willing to go to all that trouble just to help the nice folks at Febreze. Oh, who am I kidding, I would enjoy killing a bird if there was no odor eliminator. I love snow, and birds steal it. I know this because every year they sing when the snow starts melting. This is not a coincidence like they would like the humans to believe. They are the cause of global warming. When I announced my run for Presidency last July 4, my main campaign issue has been to get rid of all birds. I want to point out that none of the other candidates have taken on this crucial issue mainly because they are too cowardly to tell the truth. I hope all you dogs out there (especially you "bird dogs") will do your part to rid the world of those horrible flying rodents.

Demon Flash Bandit ---also a member of the Howling Huskies
♥- Sandy~SD- ♥

Handy Sandy- Loves to Dance!
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 6:34pm PST 
You have a very interesting point of view there. I like itway to go

dog you have my vote

ruler of humans
Barked: Mon Feb 18, '08 8:47pm PST 
I like to play with birds and mice then let them go just to mess with my humans heads hehe

♥ Nebraska Pack

Big Gun Pack
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 1:03am PST 
Yeah but is it going to get out Skunk Smells??? laugh out loud
I surely hope not!!!

Wags n Woofs,

Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 3:38am PST 
I smell great anyway. I am loved no matter what smell I may bring in. I am just too cuddly!!! snoopysnoopy

Dynamite comes- in small- packages
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 4:39am PST 
I never thought of that before! That must be why we don't get snow....we get the birds instead!

Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 4:03pm PST 
We don't smell- they smell!laugh out loud

Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 4:41pm PST 
I work so hard at getting rid of "their" smells and then they go and put stuff like this on the furniture and in the air trying to cover up "my smell." I don't get what the problem was, but if they are happy then it usually means more walks and fun for me, so I'll let them try and be happy and go back to doing my work again at night (it's the only time I can get away with taking over all furniture in the house)!

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Satchel- Porkchop- Squishyface

Park! Park!- Park!
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 6:49pm PST 
Finally! A product made for me to use on my humans! It says Pet Odor Eliminator, right? Doesn't that mean I can spray it on my people and make them smell like steak?
Rosie- *FOUND*

www.findrosie.co- m
Barked: Tue Feb 19, '08 7:05pm PST 
If you need any help with squirrels, I'm your girl!
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