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Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 3:57pm PST 
So much fun!!!!! WOOHOO!!, Texas Hold'em, here we come! Can't wait, me and my humom will visit often. Les 'bon temps roulet.

Wags to you all,
♥Lord- Pippin&heart- s;

Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 4:22pm PST 
Slots rule!

Let's play. I- love the wind in- my hair.
Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 7:49pm PST 
I wanna learn to shoot craps!!!dog


Love and be- loved.
Barked: Fri Mar 14, '08 9:52pm PST 
Mama needs a new pair of shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!! Black Jack here I come!!!!!!
Oreo Fluff- Cabrera

I think- I'm- human
Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 11:59am PST 
Pokerway to go

Mommy's Lovey
Barked: Sat Mar 15, '08 10:09pm PST 
I love the slots. Can't wait !!!!
cheer cheer applause applause
Gunnery- Sergeant- Sullivan

Who wants to pet- the puppy?
Barked: Sun Mar 16, '08 12:15am PST 
OOOOOh FUN .. Mom went to Vegas she thinks I will love all the action and sounds And ssssssniffs of a CASINO , Hope my dobe nose dosent get me into troublelaugh out loud
HedwigGir- ★

Barked: Sun Mar 16, '08 5:36am PST 
Come on Hedwig!!!
7, 7, Cherry!!!
Darn it!confused
♥ - Ko Min - ♥

the Original- Scruff-Muffin.
Barked: Mon Mar 17, '08 6:20pm PST 
i'm in! cheer lemmee know when you're up n runnin.

I\'ll Sleep When- I\'m Old!
Barked: Tue Mar 18, '08 7:31am PST 
way to go Will Be Openning a few Games Real Soon! way to go
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