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lou lo

the world is my- playground
Barked: Thu Sep 17, '09 4:48pm PST 
hello everyone my name is lou lo and im a 1 yr old white lab wit a smidget of browni love playing im a very sweet pup i love gettin attention i hope someone wants to be my friend because i only have one and i would really like others well bye bye for nowwave
sparkle and- max

eat and eat and- play and play
Barked: Wed Sep 23, '09 11:04pm PST 
hi just new here, its a wonderful group you have

guys, can I invite you to join also in
www.pettell.com a pet lovers group

just 2 mins of your time guys,
thank you all and a blessed day to all pets and owners

I sure do love- walks &- treats!!! :D :D
Barked: Fri Oct 9, '09 5:07am PST 
Could you pups pawlease join !!Jet and Annie's Everything Dog Group!! listed on my page? If you need the link, let me know.

Hans (My- dearly- beloved)

Cock of the walk
Barked: Fri Dec 11, '09 6:43pm PST 
wave I'm Hans aka "lil'man" from Columbus,Ga. I'm a 5 year old sleeve pekingese. I love all dogs and I try to make as many friends as I can where ever I go. My mama say's that I'm sooo cute that no one can resist my good looks and charm. I like to play games and ride in the car. But, my most favorite thing to do was just be with my mama.

Baby I was born- to run!
Barked: Fri Apr 2, '10 11:20pm PST 
Hi! I'm Nala and I'm part Husky/Shepherd. My pawents think I'm about 2 years old. You can come and check out my page. Everyone thinks I'm wonderful at my house. snoopysnoopy
Stormy-Servi- ce/Therapy- Dog CGC

Nobody puts Baby- in a corner.
Barked: Thu Apr 15, '10 10:10pm PST 
waveHi, I'm Stormy. I haven't been on in months so I'm reintroducing my self. It's sure nice to meet all the new dogs. I'm from Oregon. I'm a Certified Therapy Dog and a Service Dog. I work hard. Hope to be around more often now.snoopysnoopysnoopy

Hi- everypurr
Barked: Sat May 1, '10 11:52am PST 
wave I'm Molly the calico kitty ! My markings are very unique . I turned 2 on Easter weekend ! happy dance snoopy I'm a purrroud Canadian ! I love my fish brother , his name is Neptune . Mom says I'm a princess - what IS a princess exactly ? I'd much rather be a MOVIE STAR . (But , if being a princess means free tummy rubs and extra treats , I'm all for it !) I am a rescue , big grin applause Shh , I can be lazy sometimes , but no one has to know that , right ? shh I love my family and have very much personality !
Lucky(In- Loving- Memory)

Officer Lucky- in Charge!
Barked: Fri May 7, '10 7:03pm PST 
snoopyHello Everyone!snoopy
I am Officer Lucky, who will supervise Y'all! Yeah! It's in my blood...can't help it. This is a great place. So many nice fur balls everywhere. I love to meet new furiends and play. However, since 01 March I play mostly at the little angelRainbow Bridge now. Since a wonderful kitty gave me wings, I can go and visit my furmaly and check on them.
My bro Mickey Blue Eyes is a great barker. You will like him. Unfortunately, he is ill now with a bad thyroid. Mama is worrying herself sick. I wish I was there to help her every day.
Here at Pawllywood I(we) hope to make new pals and play a lot. Dogster is just woofiful!hug

wishes Barks & Sniffs,
Lucky (In Loving Memory)
Hendrix- (R.I.P)

Angel In- Heaven-Watching- Over You.
Barked: Sun Jun 20, '10 10:33am PST 
Hey, everyfur! My name's Hendrix. I went over the bridge in 2009. My birthday is (best guess, I was a rescued dog) 7/2/97 (The seventh day of febuary in 1997!) I loved to play fetch and frisbee, and still do, because I feel more young in heaven. It's ok that I'm in heaven, I can FLY now! I love to make new Pup Pals!

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Barked: Tue Jul 27, '10 10:23am PST 
Hi! My name is Mozart. I live in Canada. I love to swim in the lake, and I like speed boat ridesbig grin. I have lots of doggie friends and we hang out all the time. I am very friendly, and love to give lots of kisses. I am scared of loud sounds (like fireworks). One of my favorite things to do is RUN. Add me as a pet pal smile
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