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Mr. Tuggles

Livin\' to break- the rules!
Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 7:12am PST 
Hey! Did she call me a pest, I am telling mom!! My name is Mr. Tuggles but you can call me Tuggles!! I am a super cute Miniature Schnauzer puppy. I am only 11 weeks old so I still have a lot to learn. I love to play with my big sister Sophie. Our favorite games are steal Sophie's toys, and bite Sophie's ears and jump on Sophie's back and bark and growl at Sophie. We have so much fun, she really loves having a little brother. Of course I am the boss at home and she always does what I want her too ( cause I am so cute). wave

Love and be- loved.
Barked: Sun Oct 12, '08 5:24pm PST 
wave Sophie and Mr Tuggles

So glad you joined the group and are playing our games! I am an only "Diva" in my house and what I say goes (right Mom?) Well I love to play games and go for walks around my neighborhood. I love making new furiends and playing games on Dogster. I hope to catch up with you online ..................See ya!........

Lead dogs get- the best- scenery.
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 6:25am PST 
waveHi Dogsters! I'm kinda new here, but I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Roxanne. "Roxy" for short. I'm a cocker spaniel/boykin spaniel mix. I'm 8 yrs old, and I'm on the prowl for some new pup pals. I play nice, I promise!cheer


Love and be- loved.
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 10:57am PST 
wave Roxanne! Nice to meet you! i sent you a Pup Pal Request and I hope you accept it. Hope to catch you online------------------>

Is today agility- day??
Barked: Fri Oct 24, '08 5:53pm PST 
Hi everyone! My name is Bailey and I live in the Indianapolis area. I'm almost 7 months old. I have an older kitty fur brother. He's 11 years old and still not so sure about me being around. I love playing with other dogs, going on walks, and spending as much time as possible with mommy. My greatest accomplishment is winning 3rd place in the Petsmart costume contest! I look forward to getting to know everyone and having lots of fun. dancing

Love and be- loved.
Barked: Sat Oct 25, '08 11:34am PST 
wave Bailey, it is so nice to meet you! Welcome to Planet Pawllywood!
What was the costume you wore to win 3rd place? Hope you have a great weekend! Catch you online------------------->

The sky is- crying yet I- see no one
Barked: Sun Nov 2, '08 12:33am PST 
Hi evfurryfur. My name is Lady - my favorite activities are howling and singing with the coyotes, eating, sleeping - wrestling with my doghter and brofur, guarding my house and achieving bellyrubs.

My momma calls me her little sausage cause I eat lots.

Mommy says that she went to meet a guy with a doggy just like me - a red queensland! I probably wouldn't have liked the guy though.. my mommy says that 'Baby' the Red Queensland was blind. Poor girl! Aww - I wish I could have met her - but I don't like car rides - snoopy If you look at some of our diary entries - some of mine, some of Jubilee's and some of Screech's, you'll see that my momma has a fairly creative mind.

I have a great guardian angel called Jubilee. She's a part rottweiler/part german shepherd. She passed away sometime in 2008, or 2007 close to the beginning of 2008. Momma tries to stuff all these memories in the back of her mind and forget about them - but she misses Jubilee alot.

I'm very new to ★ PLANET PAWLLYWOOD ★ In fact, I just joined about 30 minutes ago. I love new groups - they are all so fun! partypartypartypartywishespartypartywisheswishespartypartyhughappy dancecheerdancingcloud 9little angelhappy dancehappy dance

Love and be- loved.
Barked: Sun Nov 2, '08 11:29am PST 
wave Lady, nice to meet you! We are glad you chose to join Planet Pawllywood! Make yourself at home and I hope to catch up with online...............................wave
Buster- (1996-2008)

Are you gonna- eat that?
Barked: Thu Nov 6, '08 11:45am PST 
Hi, everyone. wave My name is Buster. I'm a Golden Retriever. I went to the Bridge on June 12 of this year. I had really bad arthritis, and it got to the point where I could barely get up from a lying down position, and I didn't even want to walk off the porch to go potty. The stairs were just too much for me. But, I'm in a better place now, and I'm not in pain anymore. I'm a very friendly dog, and I love making new friends. Nice to meet you all!

If it fits in my- mouth, it's- mine.
Barked: Thu Nov 6, '08 11:57am PST 
Hi! wave My name is Toby. I'm an 11-month-old Pomeranian, about to turn a year old. I was Buster's little brother, before he went to the Bridge. I'm not aware of my size, and I like to think of myself as a big dog. I'm very stubborn, and I don't like to be forced to do something I don't want to do. I love to chew on things, and sometimes, it's not what I'm supposed to chew on, like paper. I LOVE shredding paper. And it doesn't have to be real paper. It can be something made out of paper, like toilet paper, tissues, or napkins. Nice to meet everybody!
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