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Your Group.. Your Games... Your Ideas.. Your Threads applause

Game Moderators/Officials

You Want to run the Sport Thread of your Choice?
Make up games, ideas and build a Officating team around you..

Check Out the List of Sports covered in AFS
Pick one you would like to Moderate/Officiate (Ya Still Get To Play) BOL, you make up the Games, as many or few as you like.. Get a couple of ★ ALL FUR SPORTS ★ Officials/Moderators to work with you and Make your Sport the Hottest Thread here... Thats a sport within its self!

Sign up in the Officials/Moderators SIGN UP ONLY Thread-get your game/thread approved, and your Ready to open your thread..

All The AFS Admins do is approve the Threads and Authorize them.. then it's your Game, your sport, your thread, you Ideas, Your Fun..

Run any type of games, contests and such from your very own Thread..

applause applause applause applause applause applause

★ ALL FUR SPORTS ★ Members & Players

Check out the Complete list of Games availible.. or browse through the threads go in and check out the action! Join in and have some fun... Threads are ran and opperated by the members, so check out their guidelines as you enter a game (1st post in thread)

Your Group.. Your Games... Your Ideas.. Your Threads applause

*NOTE: for the purpose of support of dogster/catsters community guidelines & community spirit rules.. Admins will monitor threads for content.. and may remove posts we feel are not in these guidelines.. as needed

*Keep it clean please.. Keep it fun.. but Hoorah according to the thread Officals/Moderators guidelines & Ideas

Looking forward to seeing what you in the Games! Cant wait tocompete and play!

"★ ALL FUR SPORTS ★ Will Monitor the threads and Occassionaly Award cool stuff for the Games that are Hot, Active, Creative and Fun!

Well, it's a new theory, lets see how well it goes over..

Threads can be anything from Football Chat to Snowboarding Games.. Just pmail me your ideas and lets Get to Playing...
Please do not start threads untill Approved
Check Out the Existing Game Threads List and see what alls going on under your chosen sport..ya might want to pmail the Moderators/Officials and join their team.. But it's all up to you..

Have Fun and Lets Play Ball! applause

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