Giants or Patriots ?

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Lover boy!
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 12:20pm PST 
What do you think Pug Pals. thinking
Who do you think will win the Superbowl, and will you be having anything special to eat during the game?way to go

Where's the- rabbit?
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 12:21pm PST 
Of course I will be rooting for the Giants....I am from NJ you know!cheer
I hope we have some Pizza during the game big grin

Lover boy!
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 12:23pm PST 
I'm with Minnie on that one, even though I guess my ancestors are from China. Does China have a football team?big laugh
Mmmm, maybe we should have Chinese food on Sunday. General Mings Chicken.way to go


I'm not- a scaredy- cat
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 12:32pm PST 
We'll be pulling for the Giants. Since Payton didn't win..we want Eli to!!!
Tug da Pug

I am tuffer than- I look.
Barked: Wed Jan 30, '08 4:32pm PST 
Well since the Seahawks dissapointed us again,,,,we are not commited to any team...I think the Patriots will be hard to beat, but it is possible...
Tug da Pugwave
Hana Chan- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Very Lady Hana- the Ebullient of- Helions
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 4:28am PST 
I would like it if the Giants would win, but those kind of things usually don't go my way. I will be getting lots of treats I hope because I have my NEOhio Pugs meetup that day! snoopysnoopy
Kingstars- Louie

I'm the Boss of- Our House!
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 4:34am PST 
Giants of mom is from New that is the way to go!!! Go Giants, Go!!!!snoopysnoopysnoopysnoopy
Roscoe 4/1/10 Forever Loved

The original- Love Pug
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 7:22am PST 
Well, since the Redskins or the Steelers aren't in the Superbowl, I guess we'll pull for the giants!! Boston has won enough this year (Red Sox).frown

Lover boy!
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 8:25am PST 
Well it looks like its 6 for the Giants applause and 1 undecided confused\
Where are all those Patriot fans....thinking
Princess- Marley

Mrs. Nicco Bacan- Silvis
Barked: Thu Jan 31, '08 9:39am PST 
patriots will win they are the best out there this year
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