20 Paw Park Road, Penthouse Suite (Home of Princess HRH)

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To know me to is- to love me.
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 6:04pm PST 
Ring, ring, ring. Hello I'm so sorry for call so late, but I thought I would tell you that I will not be at school for the next few day. if you go to Kili's and Suvi thread you will find out why I won't be at school.
♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 6:07pm PST 
Unbelievable, Nalah.....I hope you can help your friend get back to his Mommy....obviously SHE loves him!

To know me to is- to love me.
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 6:08pm PST 
She would die for him and I know that for a fact.

♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Thu Jan 17, '08 6:09pm PST 
Well our paws are crossed that you can help her get her baby back!!
♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 6:39am PST 
Princess wakes....she is feeling much better today. She gets up, showers and dresses and has her prescription food that the vet gave her. She eats it but thinks longingly of the wonderful omelettes Summer use to make for her! Princess opens her laptop and finds the website for PawSpot Preschool....she does her lesson:

Friday's Lesson:

Paw Painting
Princess puts on her smock and begins painting with the art supplies she had Summer pick up for her at Scissors. She carefully uses her paws to make a portrait of her boyfriend....while she works, her mind wonders....does he think of me as his girlfriend? she hangs her picture to dry and she washes her paws.

Princess skips this part because she has already had her perscription food as directed.

English: Parts of a Paragraph--- Three major structural parts of a paragraph
1. a topic sentence
2. supporting sentences
3. a concluding sentence

Princess reads all the English lesson carefully over 3 times to make sure that she full understand the parts of a paragraph because she love to write and wants to make sure that she can be the best at it that she possible can.

Up to the end of the 19th century, Russia was an autocratic country. It was ruled by an autocratic Czar. He ruled as he liked. His will was the sole source of law, of taxation and justice. He controlled the army and all the officials. Through his special position on the Holy Synod, he controlled even religious affairs. His autocratic rule was supported by the privileged nobles, who possessed land and serfs, and held all the chief offices in the Czar's administration.
The mass of people were serfs. Serfs were 'slaves'. They worked on the estates of the nobles......

.....oooops they lost Princess after the Nobles.....

----We will be learning much more on this Tuesaday! Oh, good, Princess thought she could catch up then!

More prescription food for Princess....she is starting to miss real food and her friends........wave hi guys!

Bacteria---- Bacteria is classified by shape: Coccus, Spiral and Rod. They are classified into kingdoms. Bacteria uses Protists to move.
This is just a brief lesson and open talk.

Princess e-talks about how she understands about bacteria because she is on an antibiotic right now to help control the bacteria in her bowel from becoming an infection since her bout of colitis has caused bleeding and if that bacteria gets into Princess's blood stream it could cause her to get spesis...a bad blood infection.

We will be having a socratic seminar on Tuesday. Please study. Report cars come out on Monday. You can pick them up here.
Recap and ready to go!

Princess is soooo nervous about report cards....she has been away from school so much this week that she worries it will affect her grades. She starts chewing on her nails.

***NO SCHOOL MONDAY!!! MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY! Reports cards can be picked up monday night. The dance is soon. Have a great day!***

A dance......yay A DANCE! oh I hope I'm asked!!! Princess rushes to her closet to see if she has anything she could wear if she is asked....oh, that will not do....I'll have to go and buy something new!!

Alex CGC,- TD

I`m cute and I- know it
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 9:14am PST 
ring ring ...Ring Ring...Hello Princess ? This is Alex calling Yes I missed you too today. I just wanted to let you know that on the way to and from school today we had some big dog following usand the PD so far has not found the dog but I just want to protect you and tell you not to go out until the dog is caught or if you do to be sure somebody gopes with you and to be careful. I am at home and have everything locked up. Yes Nikki is at workbut I am sure he knows what is going on. I have another question for you . I uh was wondering if you umm would like to umm go to the school dance with me.? Sorry If I sound funny I`m a bit nervous. BOL laugh out loud

BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 12:31pm PST 
Hello Princess! I am here and ready to fix your pool filter. Let me unload my truck and Ill have it done soooon!
♥ Princess ♥

One-eyed Wonder- Dog
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 12:51pm PST 
Oh Tobit, thank you for coming so quickly! The pool is starting to look a little swampy!! I don't know what could have possibly caused the filter to go....its brand new!

Would you like some lemonade while you work?
Vesuvius Lucy

On the- run- again!
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 12:57pm PST 
*Brrrrriiinnnggg, Brrrrrinnnnggg, Brrrinnnnngggg* Hello, Summer. I just wanted to let Princess know the strange dog has been nabbed. See the Law Enforcement post for more info.

BAD 2- DA- BONE!!!!
Barked: Fri Jan 18, '08 1:20pm PST 
That would be nice Princess. I love lemonade! *Drains a few inches out of the pool so he can reach the filter without getting too wet. Reaches in and pulls filter out. It is filled with bugs, grass, leaves, and other nasty objects. He replaces it and reinstalls a new one.* I think the problem was the filter... DEFINATLY THE FILTER! Good call Princess on that one! I drained the pool and replaced the filter. When it fills back up again, if there are any problems than I will be sure to come back and fix it. I think you should be all set! Thanks for the business and the lemonade. Enjoy your pool! big grinwink
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