Moaning while laying down

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Barked: Mon Dec 24, '07 3:13pm PST 
Hi have a question. Paws has been moaning while moving around...but only when he's lying down. It started around the same time the weather started getting cold. Everything else seems to be ok, walking, stairs, eating, playing...etc. It seems to be getting worse - he's at the point now where he's waking us up at night doing it. I'd appreciate all/any reply's - I'm beginning to think the worst of course and am considering taking him to see doc because we aren't sure what it is. If you know of someone or you yourself have gone through this pleeease let me know. Thanks, Debbie

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Barked: Mon Dec 24, '07 8:08pm PST 
We just went thru this with Zeb. He will be 9 in February. Our vet told us that this would be one of several signs that will show up associated with pain. When Zeb is active during the day, you would never guess that he has any pain. He has, however, begun to wimper as he is settling down to sleep or when he goes to get up from a resting position. He also has started to skip the trip outside just to romp with the other two. He is now taking Rimadyl. He just started a couple days ago and they said it would take a week to show improvement.

Your pics show a VERY happy dog with a great life with you. I hope it is something this simple. A trip to the vet is worth the peace of mind. wink

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I see that Paws is 9 years old. I wonder if it has anything to do with his joints. Laying down for long periods of time might be stiffening up his joints and causing some cramping and or pain in muscles and joints. Here are a few questions to answer:

1. Does he have a soft bed to lay on?
2. What type of food are you feeding? Any supplements?
3. Is he laying away from cold drafts and nice and warm?

A good quality food will have some of the necessary nutrients and vitamins in it for keeping joints lubricated and free for easy movement. Nallah is on Wellness Core which has great vitamins in it for keeping joints lubricated. If you wanted to give an additional supplement you could try something specifically for joint health like the Missing Link. Keep him warm and up off the floor on something to support him, this will help him from getting too stiff. If none of these are the problem you feel, I would definately make an appointment with your vet just for a routine check up. There may be something you're overlooking that your vet could pick up on. Does he seem depressed? Getting adequate exercize?

Keep us posted, best wishes Paws! hug


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definitely sounds like arthritis/joint pain related.

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Kady has hip issues, and some arthritis, even though she is young, probably between 4-5 years old. She will moan if I'm a bad mom and run out of her liquid joint supplement (Syn-Flex, bought online at www.synflexamerica.com). She is also much better on her "upstairs" bed, which is a foam orthopedic bed (I found it cheaper at Petsmart than Petco). I put her bed on the floor, out of drafts on the side of the room near but not next to the heat register, between my bed and the wall, and now she RUNS for it at bedtime and snuggles in, with no moaning. I hope you can find somethat that works for your pup.

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Barked: Fri Dec 28, '07 6:44pm PST 
wave Hi Zebedee, Nallah, Koda and Kady, Thank you all so much for your responses. Paws has been on Nutro for a few years now which he's doing great on since he has allergies. We combated that issue so that's all good. As you have mentioned he does favor outside walls to lay against which here in NJ it's been cold on and off which I'm beginning to wonder if it's part of the problem. I'll be looking into beds for him and will be purchasing one in the very near future. In addition we just recently started him on arthritis/joint supplements so it's going to take a little before we know if they are actually working.
Thanks again for all your help.
Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!
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