New Year's Pictures


Lover boy!
Barked: Sat Dec 22, '07 6:00pm PST 
List you name here if you would like a picture of your cute face in a Happy New Year picture. snoopy

I'm- cute
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 3:10am PST 
Would you make one for me, Kitty & Giz? This will be a fun way to bring in the New Year!
♥Arwe- n♥

chubbes wubbies- ,arwen
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 3:59am PST 
i would like my photo done for new years please thankyou !! arwen

Kingstars- Louie

I'm the Boss of- Our House!
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 8:31am PST 
Jake and I would love to have a New Year's photo...puppy
Hana Chan- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Very Lady Hana- the Ebullient of- Helions
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 8:53am PST 
I couldn't pass up having another picture made of me wink
Thanks a lot!way to go
King Dewey- of- Destruction

I'm not your- typical pug!
Barked: Sun Dec 23, '07 2:08pm PST 
I want one of me please! puppy

Seriously, can I- get some food- here?
Barked: Tue Dec 25, '07 2:04pm PST 
I would like one. I will put new pictures on my page, a few more options for you to use.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

If you throw it,- I will fetch
Barked: Thu Dec 27, '07 8:24am PST 
Both Benny and I would like a New Year's pic as well!

Thanks for all your hard work! hail
♥Rave- n♥

I have a Tude
Barked: Thu Dec 27, '07 8:33am PST 
They are pawsome if it won't wear yer fingies out...
cud you do one fer me, Wheezer, Gus and Boo???