Our first Christmas without you...

Autumn-We- Miss You- 2005-2007

Barked: Sun Dec 16, '07 1:48pm PST 
As I sit here tonight, I stare at the tree
It shimmers and glows of hope and joy
But an emptiness claws at my heart
For you're not here.

The memories of the Christmas past
Our family glad and united
The love and laughter long ago
But I can't reach that this year.

Your spirit is still with me
But you have moved on
Our lonley first Christmas
Since you've been gone.
Striker:Gone- Too Soon

Barked: Wed Dec 19, '07 4:23pm PST 
Autumn's story, of her time with you , is beautiful. She was lucky to have had you in her life for the short time that she did. Don't think she didn't know what you had done for her OR how much she was loved.

It doesn't get easier, just different. Let your heart grieve and when your tears have stopped, look at the pictures of that beautiful face and KNOW that you were loved.

Ellen-Striker's mom