How I celebrate the holidays!


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We have a few different days we celebrate day is the Sunday before Christmas with Grandma(our Mom's Mom), then there's Christmas Eve with Dad's sissy and then our favorite is Christmas day with our human sissy, her hubby, our human brudder and his partner. There's lots of food to be eaten too!! Our traditional Christmas dinner is lasagna and garlic bread. After dinner is eaten then it's time to open the presents. Dad loves the movie The Christmas Carol so we watch that too. We get 3 days in a row of good food and fun time spent with our family.
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Well we come from a small small family. My mom's family is in the States and my dad's family has passed on. So it's jest mom, dad, jake and me. Usually my mom and dad are invited to go to his friends house for Christmas Day and if not then, they go on Boxing Day..the day after christmas. But I think so far this year they are going to have Christmas at home because I saw mom bring home a turkey. So we'll celebrate with opening our gifts on christmas morning and then dad fixes us all a good breakfast...eggs, canadian peameal bacon, toast and homefries. Then mom will fix the big turkey and serve mashed taters, stuffing, veggies with it all. Then I will play wif my prezzies that I get and we will relax and watch some TV. That is what we will all do. Just the 4 of us. But mom will call her family and her boys on Christmas Day and talk with them all. I know she misses them all. hug
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We celebrate Christmas Eve by delivering home made cakes, cookies, Smoked turkey, Lasagna, home made bread and what ever else mom decides to make for friends that do not cook. Then on christmas day she cooks us a real feast!snoopysnoopy


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Christmas eve is at our house. Daddy's sister and family and Daddys cousin and family come over for Christmas eve dinner. Mommy & Daddy used to have Mommy's family too, but it got too big and Mommy got too stressed out. Now Mommy's family all get together before Christmas. In fact they had it this weekend, but Ming and I couldn't go, cause doggies weren't allowed. (Phooey)
Mommy is Italian/american, so Christmas Eve is the traditional Italian dinner with Pasta and seafood. Mommy has to make daddy and his family some meat though, cause they are not italian.
Christmas day is Ming and My day. Mommy and daddy dont have any human kids, so Santa brings all his presents for us and puts them under the tree and I get so excited. I can't wait for Santa to come. They we stay home with our presents and usually have leftovers from Christmas eve.

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Since moving to Oregon a few years ago, we always go back to Idaho to celebrate Christmas with our family. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are alternated each year between Mommy's family and Daddy's family, but Mati and I aren't allowed to go to Daddy's family celebration because the gramparents built a new house and don't want any doggy hair in's okay, tho, because we just get to spend more time with Grammy and Grampy Lewis.

The celebration with Mommy's family is always fun because we get to see our hooman cousins and they love to play with us. Grampy Lewis either smokes a turkey, or rotisserie bbqs a roast, or one year even cooked a prime rib, and we always get lots of goodies dropped on the floor from our cousins. After feasting, we open presents, which is really fun because Mati and I like to get in the middle of it and cause trouble, so Mommy will pull out our bonus treats to keep us occupied (usually they're rawhide chewies), and with the chewies we settle down by Mommy or Daddy's feet and let them finish opening their presents in peace.

Probably the least enjoyable part about the whole adventure is the drive to and from. Mati and I have become seasoned travellers, but the past few years the roads have been snowy and treacherous, which stresses the parents out an awful lot. We've definitely got our paws crossed that this year the roads will be clear and snowy-free so we can get there and back safely and while making good time.

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Boy reading about all the good things everyone gets to eat...we're getting really, really hungry!!! Love everyone's family traditions!!
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Well, last year mommy and I spent Christmas Eve with grandma and the rest of grandma's side of the family because grandma is a nurse and works Christmas Day every year. Everyone just sits around and enjoys each other's company. On Christmas Day, we go to grandpa's house and I play with Griffin, my cousin who is a boxer doggy. Last year I got some gifts and I hope I get some this year too!way to go
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Merry Christmas every puggy!! We celebrate Christmas at my house every year!! Gramma and Cyd come up for about a week and my hooman brudder comes from CA and my sis comes from across town and stays wif us for a few days!! This year sis will bring Maddie wif her and we'll be a house full of furry friends!! Then my Gramma that lives in town comes over for Christmas Eve and spends da nite and aunts and uncles come over for christmas dinner and we just have loads of fun 'cause there's more people to slip us some turkey under da table!!! We love it 'cause we get lots and lots to eat and sleep good that nite!!!