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Barked: Sun Mar 13, '11 3:46pm PST 
Are you still making wings?
If so My little sisfur just went to Rainbow Bridge March 12. We are very sad. We would love for her to have some wings. Onyx ID 930994.

Thank you, Kibbles, Francis & Angel Yodacloud 9
Toby. - Rainbow- Bridge.

My heart belongs- to- Princesa.XXXXX
Barked: Mon Mar 14, '11 1:59pm PST 
My sister Smudge is making wings for Onyx Yoda.


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Barked: Mon May 23, '11 8:07am PST 
Our Bandit passed away last night 5/22/11, was a victim of a hit and run, am devistated, would you be so kind to make some wings for her? Thank you so much.

Muffin- ♥- Rainbow- Bridge

Mrs- Ian
Barked: Wed May 25, '11 1:53pm PST 
We are working on Bandits wings.
CHARLOTTE /- Squirt- 2001-6/2011

My godmother- loves me very- much...
Barked: Mon Jun 20, '11 12:59pm PST 
Hello -
I'm Charlotte, a little white Pom. I just crossed the Bridge a few weeks ago and my godmother is VERY sad. I think it would make her happier if I had some pretty white wings! Could you put me in a flower garden too? There aren't many photos of me - my godmother didn't get to see me much...

Thank you, angel-wing makers!
Flick. - Rainbow- Bridge.

Who- me?
Barked: Tue Jun 21, '11 2:20am PST 
We p-mailed you sweet angel Charlotte.

little angelrainbowlittle angelrainbow

Barked: Mon Aug 1, '11 5:33am PST 
Chango hasn't got any wings yet, and would surely like some. Thank you so much! BTW, how do we indicate, on his profile, that he's no longer with us?

Fun lover
Barked: Thu Oct 20, '11 2:47am PST 
I would like to know how to get wings for my boy, Hollis.

Barked: Tue May 29, '12 4:19pm PST 
Is it possible to get wings for my sweet brother Simba Zulu who passed away May 23rd? I can't figure out how to change the pet author of this post to Simba's page. You should be able to get to photos of Simba by clicking on Chango's page and clicking on Chango's family photo of Simba from Dogster. I'd be forever grateful.
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The Family's- Angel
Barked: Tue Jul 3, '12 3:30am PST 
Hello I'm new here and would like some wings please.
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