Collie FOOD?


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Hi, IM new to the Collie breed. But I do read a lot and try to figure it all out. I just want to make sure IM doing it right. Especially because Sugar has health issues. *bad heart*. My question is, how much do you feed a 10 month old collie who is now 51lbs. I feed her Natural Balance dry food. With a 1 Tbs of Science canned. I feed her one heeping cup twice a day with the tabs of canned in each serving. But according to the bag of food she should eat 2-4 cups a day. I spoke to her breeder a while ago. And she said they only feed them 2 cups a day. That Collies dont require that much. So thats what I have been going by. I guess Im just looking for reassurance that Im feeding her correctly. She gets treats off and on for training purposes. She DOES love to eat. Gets quite excited about it. Have to make her sit, before I set the food down.
Just wondered what you all thought..
Thanks for your time!
Sugars Mom

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I use a food called Kumpi. There is a website. I'm very happy with it and had a lot of health issues with my dogs until I placed them on the food. They did recently pick up a virus from a dog that was kenneled. Other then that a scratched cornea nothing related to the food just plain silliness they did that. However, for my collie they are not routinely big eaters My boy was 26 pounds at 7 months when I got him. He had parasites from the breeder stud owner. Gardia to name one of them. He had GI bleeds as well early on for a puppy is rather scarey. Anyway he is now 77 pounds at 2 1/2 years old and all muscle and solid dog. I feed 1 1/2 cups food twice a day. If he doesn't eat it I pick it up and place in the refrigerator for later. I do add some ground sirloin and rice about 1/2 cup. They are both holding weight, if I want to show him or the other dog I drop the food back to a cup twice a day. I don't want them to get more then they are now. So weight when I go to the vet. I cut back on milk bones as well. I like the mother hubbard they are all natural puppy biscuits I keep my dogs on. They love it their small packed with oatmeal, flax seed both things good for heart and apples. Hope that helps. But remember Collies are not big eaters. They do their own weight monitoring so I have heard. We have one in the club that only eats steak Treve is a pistol she says in that regard.

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Thanks for your insight *Sheeps Mom*.. big grin
I feed Sugar the one heaping cup twice a day.. so I Imagine that is equivialent to the 1 and a half. I give them *also have a Sheltie* Natural Balances Potatoe and Duck bisquits as a treat and smaller ones for training purposes. Youd think I had a steak in my hand. They love em! They also like the Salmon ones. Thought Salmon would be good for her heart! She's almost a year old. Jan 21st is her bday. Skelitorial..I dont think she will get much bigger. She stands at 23in now. And weighing 53lbs. She did gain 2 lbs in the last few months. But shes still a pup. I dont know if she will gain more or maintain at this weight. Just going to keep feeding her what I have been. Seems to be working for her so far. Just needed reassurance.
I appreciate your response and time.
Sugars Mom..sending a note in behalf of Sugar