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To know me to is- to love me.
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 7:01am PST 
Morning I am so glad to be back at school my mom said I should stay home one more day so that all my friends and Miss Molly would not get sick so I stayed home yesterday! But I'm back today and I'm feeling a little better.

For Arts and Crafts, I think I'll make some place mats for Christmas Dinner and put everypups name on them so much fun.

Counting to Ten, 1 2 buckl my shoe, 3 4 close the door, 5 6 grab your sticks, 7 8 lay them straight, 9 10 start again.

Puppy Health, Make sure you go to the vets for your check-up twice a year and make sure your teeth and mouth are always clean you don't want bad breath, depending on what breed of pup you are have your owners brush your coat everyday to get rid of the loose and dead fur off you.

History, The early shepherd dogs of Germany were of several types suited to their environments. In 1889 Captain Max von Stephanitz began the standardization of the breed. It all started at a dog show in Karlsruhe in western Germany. A medium-sized yellow-and-gray wolflike dog caught his attention. The dog was of the primal canine type, supple and powerful, and possessed endurance, steadiness, and intelligence. He was a working sheepherder, born with this ability, requiring no training other than direction and finish to become proficient at the task. This dog, Hektor Linksrhein, was purchased by von Stephanitz, renamed Horand von Grafrath, and became the first registered German Shepherd Dog. The first German Shepherd Dog exhibited in America was in 1907. The first championships awarded German Shepherd Dogs was in 1913. The German Shepherd Dog Club of America's first specialty show was at Greenwich, Connecticut in 1915. In 1917, when America entered World War I, all things German became tabu. The American Kennel Club changed the name of the breed to the Shepherd Dog and the German Shepherd Dog Club of America became the Shepherd Dog Club of America. In England, the name of the breed was changed to the Alsatian.

Pawnglish, I think I'll read a book on shepherd dogs some more to learn more about the breed.

Paw painting, I run over to the paint center and put on an smock apron and begin to paint a picture for Miss Molly, It is of a gingerbread house with lots of yummy treats on it and pups playing outside. Once I have done the picture and it has dryed I hand it to Miss Molly and say Merry Christmas to you Miss Molly.

Free Time, I eat my snack and when I'm done eating my snack I go over to the computer and play some games.

Nap Time , I don't think I need a nap today for I had sleeped to much when I was not feeling to well.

Ok now I say bye to all my friends and Miss Molly and tell them I'll see them all tomorrow.
Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants!
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 7:23am PST 
Arts & Crafts : Copy and Paste link here to see my project:

http://files.dogster.com/pix/dogs/21/597421/597421_119 6538146.jpg

Count to 10:

1 treat for me, 1 treat for my sister, 4 treats for me, 4 treats for my sister. That equals 10!

Puppy Health: Brush toofies, get all your vaccines, eat your food, don't eat nothing bad for you (like poinsettias, chocolate and lots of other stuff). That's all I can think of right now!

History of ME:

The Dandi Dinmont Terriers originated in Scotland during the 18th century. In the early days, they were commonly bred by the gypsies and farmers as they hunted vermin well. They were good accompanying dogs on hunts as well as retrieving game like rabbits, otters, badgers etc. therefore they were popular dogs.

The rule of evolution is to adapt according to need. The Dandi Dinmont Terrier's size and physical appearance evolved as a result of the need for a hardy hunting dog. He needed stamina for hunting over the English Scottish border that was rough with thick undergrowth and rocky patches.

As a hunting dog, it accompanied hunting parties, in search of rabbits, otters and vermin, that needed low height with strong jaws. The unusual name comes from being named after a fictitious character, Dandi Dinmont, a jovial farmer who bred dogs in the book "Guy Mannering" by Sir Walter Scott. Sir Walter Scott also named the colors of the breed pepper and mustard again adapted from the book.

During the 1870's exhibiting dogs had become a trend and due to its great companion dog qualities, Dandi Dinmont was always a popular choice. The Kennel Club came into being in 1873 and a club dedicated to Dandi Dinmont came into being in 1875 on the Scottish borders.

It still remains one of the oldest pedigree breed clubs globally. Standardization of the breed was needed and was brought out by Mr. W.W. Reed, the founder of the Dandi Dinmont Terrier club. The breed came to be registered with the American Kennel club in 1888 and recognized in the UK in 1918. The Dandi Dinmont breed is on the endangered native breeds in UK currently. With proper breeding and the finding of good homes for these attractive animals one day, they may be taken off the endangered list.

laugh out loud

That's what makes be so special! I'm endangered!


??????? Nouns, Pronouns, verbs, adjectives? Could I have a little more information please, Miss Molly?

Please visit this link to see my paw painting:

http://files.dogster.com/pix/dogs/70/217270/217270_1197 386425.jpg

Thank you Miss Molly! I had a wonderful time today. I am going to take my nap now.cloud 9
HedwigGir- ★

Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 1:17pm PST 
Hey yall are doing good!
want your pawspot puppy pictures?
fur the yearbook!


Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 2:17pm PST 
Thats a great idea Hediwg. Pup pics 4 everyone!
Nalah! You are so sweet. Keep up the pawsome work
Kil, you have been doing very good also. Im sorry but my computer couldn't find your like for arts and crafts. wavewinksmilebig grinlaugh out loudcheerdancinghailbig laugh
Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants!
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 2:55pm PST 
Oh, Dog! It disappeared! Well, anyway, it is a blanket for my pal Dexter with his name and pictures on it!frown I really wanted you to see it Miss Molly.

red face

To know me to is- to love me.
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 3:59pm PST 
Boy oh boy Hedwig that would be great to have my picture in the yearbook I think it's a great idea. I can't wait to get my yearbook.

Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 5:28pm PST 
Awww! I want to see it too! Well I know you did it, your a great student.
Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants!
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '07 5:39am PST 
*Walks in- shaking snow off fur* Ummmmph, no one around! School must be canceled due to the snow! thinking


To know me to is- to love me.
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '07 10:48am PST 
Runs in because thinks she is real late for class and finds nopups or teacher in the class. I look down the halls to see if any pups or teachers are around but don't see any. I walk to the office to find out if there is classes today and no pups in there so I use the telephone to call my mom to tell her that there are no pups or teachers at school.... Mom tells me to pawint a note to Miss Molly now known as Mrs Paws. The note reads... Dear Mrs Paws,
I showed up today to learn somemore and I found nopups or teachers around the school, I even went down to the office to see if any pups were there and there was not one pup or teacher there. I called my mom to tell her that there was NO pups or teachers at school today and she told me to pawint you a note telling you that I was here today and I will be back on Monday and hopefully there will be classes then.


I wait for my mom in the office and read a book will waiting mom shows up and I go home with her and do some school work that mom told me to do.
Count to ten, say my Abc's and pawint a story why there was no school today.

Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '07 11:59am PST 
Hello pups! I am so sorry for the last 2 days off. As a teacher you know that i was very upset when i couldn't make it to school due to the snow, to teach all my pups. Monday school is starting up again! The 22nd is the last day of school next week before Christmas break! So yo obviously know that we will be cramming.

Lesson for Monday:
paw Painting
Running around outside
Pup Health
Reading time
Recap and Ready to go.

For Tuesday we will have a feild trip to Paw Park for a hike. Please make sure your paw pads are as strong as possible, you bring a jacket, water, and a brown bagged lunch. We depart as soon as everyone is at school, and come home that night. Please have your guardian right me a note approving your attendace that day. Thank you! I cant wait!
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