Christmas Tree trimming

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♥Arwe- n♥

chubbes wubbies- ,arwen
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '07 8:54pm PST 
this arwen and will love to have an ornament on the christmas tree
and i would like my ornament to say, Arwen's first Christmas. With my family. snoopy
Maddie Girl

" Maddie", "- Maddie- Girl".."Lover- pug"
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 5:10am PST 
Oh boy, my first Christmas!!! I can't wait Ming & Minnie to trim the tree!! I have one at home but mommy put it on a table so I can't get to it :0( I thought it'd be fun to climb or play ball wif da ornaments :0) !!!!!

aka Sweet Cyd
Barked: Thu Nov 29, '07 5:11am PST 
Puppies, that's all they think about is playing!!! Don't they know that a tree is a work of art!!! I wanna help trim the tee too!!!!

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