Have you Ever?

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Alpha girl,- AROO!!
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 12:01pm PST 
No, have you ever knocked down the Chritmas tree??
Scout Q.- Kazoo

Hong Kong Fooie- Kazooie
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 12:36pm PST 
No, but I have run around it and knocked a few things off the bottom big grin

Have you ever gotten stuck under something like the couch??
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Tue Dec 11, '07 1:26pm PST 
OH NO, I am the next great escape artist BOL laugh out loud Plus I am too big
big laugh

Have you ever goosed a stragner? shrug

♥- Smokey- ♥

I Want A Butt- Rub!
Barked: Wed Dec 12, '07 4:57pm PST 
Yes I did! I can't help myself as soon as someone bends over .... goose!!

Have you ever pulled your human down in a snowbank or mud if you have never seen snow?
Angel Hailey- (10/3/98~1/1- 4/11)

Barked: Thu Dec 13, '07 2:43pm PST 
No...but I pulled Mistress down the driveway, across the street, & up the neighbor's driveway in the snow...but she wouldn't fall down...altho it wasn't from a lack of me trying!

Have you...got your own Woofmas stocking??? And is it filled yet???
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Thu Dec 13, '07 4:17pm PST 
NO confused the only stocking in my reach is mine thinking what was mom thinking shrug Like I want what is in their stockings anyway laugh out loud

Have you ever unwrapped a gift under the tree, that didnt belong to you? shrug

Is the ..sniff- sniff..- food..sniff..gim- e
Barked: Thu Dec 13, '07 8:31pm PST 
i didn't unwrap the gifts but that santa ornament with a fake giftbag i stole the gift bag and chewed the little gifts in it mommy and grammy were mad at me frown

Have you done a nono on the christmas tree?
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Fri Dec 14, '07 8:13am PST 
Oh no, there are to many special gift for me under there, I cant read but I know mommy says my name while she is putting them under the tree dancing

Have you ever stole leaves from the neighbors yard and broght them to your youard, and made a mess for mommy and daddy to clean up shrug
♥- Smokey- ♥

I Want A Butt- Rub!
Barked: Sat Dec 15, '07 5:01pm PST 
nope never done that.

Have you ever ran zoomies so fast you tied your mom up in your leash?
Sadie,- GBeAD-C1

Will the real- Shady Sadie plz- stand up?
Barked: Sun Dec 16, '07 7:01am PST 
Nope. Zoomies are usually when I'm in the house or off leash.

Have you ever stuck your head in a pile of snow?
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