Have you Ever?

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♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Thu Apr 2, '09 9:16am PST 
No our doors open in laugh out loud I havent figured out how to open them yet

H Y E body surfed in snow, ocean or lake shrug

Doin' it Big- Willie style
Barked: Fri Apr 3, '09 2:28pm PST 
Ewww! I was wandering the streets during Hurricane Ike so now I hate all kinds of water (rain, the pool, baths, etc). So, no I've never been body surfing.

HYE broken a computer? (My sister has!)
♥ Delia- ♥

Baby- Girl
Barked: Sat Apr 4, '09 2:46pm PST 
No, but I like to sneeze on the screen.big laugh

Have You Ever Opened Up A Container Containing Dog Food?
(I did when we had doggy guests and their food was in a rubber maid container with flip handles. Well when our owners went out to dinner I chewed the handles until they flipped open and got in. Everybody knew I was guilty because me slender frame was not so slender when they came home. Hee Hee! wink)


Whads be da- hecks, Aren't we- there yet?
Barked: Sun Apr 5, '09 11:40am PST 
Yup....I shredded open a whole bag of dog food that was in the van when mom and dad went into another storebig laughbig laughbig laughbig laugh

Have you ever open your own treat....I figured out how to work the zip lock on a zip lock bag that mom was storing my treats in
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Mon Apr 6, '09 8:00am PST 
Nope, mommy keeps my treats in a glass cookie jar on the counter, but when daddy brings home the goodies I do get a crack at them before they are put away, this one time (at band camp, j/k) I stuck my face in and grabbed 6 cookies at once laugh out loud that will teach daddy wink

H Y E surveyed under the kitchen table while your humans were eating, just in case something drops shrug
♥ Delia- ♥

Baby- Girl
Barked: Mon Apr 6, '09 9:18am PST 
I do, but my sister Babs is a pug so she can hang out easier without being detected. My mom and dad also call her a shark because if something falls she is on it, unless it is in front of me. Our brother Angus is too big he just usually waits until mom will give us something. (Mom will usually give us a little if not marinated in anything bad for us).dancing

Have you ever chewed up something very important?
RDC's- Special K- (Kya)

Princess Fancy- Pants
Barked: Mon Apr 6, '09 9:22pm PST 
Ummm....yes I have chewed up something very important. My mom had company once and she closed me up in the bedroom and I didn't like it. So, I went through her purse and found an envelope with $2,400 in it. I ate the envelope but didn't like the taste of money so I just tore it all up. Mom found all the pieces, taped them back together and the bank took it...dog slobber and all.

HYE eaten a whole stuffed animal/squeaky toy?

It's all about- playing!!
Barked: Tue Apr 7, '09 6:18am PST 
Oh my dawgness! $2,400?!? Wow!!

Yes, I have swallowed a plush squeaky toy whole -- luckily, it came out about 10 days later. shrug

Have you ever chewed up part of a wall?
♥ Delia- ♥

Baby- Girl
Barked: Tue Apr 7, '09 10:46pm PST 
No! but my brother Angus ripped down all the blinds when he was first brought home (he was a little scared when mom and dad brought him home from the rescue shhh shh it's a secret though he is our big protector now.)

H Y E This is kind of icky rolled in poop? (I rolled in geese poop one day in the park mom was not happy)

Me First, Me- First!!
Barked: Wed Apr 8, '09 1:49pm PST 
Oh yeah! I did just a couple weeks ago! I found some really big stinky pile of poo out on a hike with my mom... She said it looked like deer poo with dog poo on top of it. I rolled, she tried to yank me up, I just plopped right back down on it, but slid off, but not before I was wriggling around completely on my back with all 4's in the air! BOL!

HYE Refused to eat unless hand-fed by a certain person?
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