my girl friend is having an operation


Puggies are- God's clowns
Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 9:39am PST 
I feel so bad I went to my girl friend Muffy's cage this morning and she wasn't there. Mommy says she had to get an operation because she has a cherry eye I hope she'll be ok. Please pray for her she's my best friend. Luv Bugsycry
Hana Chan- (Rainbow- Bridge)

Very Lady Hana- the Ebullient of- Helions
Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 11:27am PST 
Oh no! I hope she is going to be okay. I'll be praying for her and make sure to keep us posted.cry

I'm- cute
Barked: Fri Oct 19, '07 12:19pm PST 
We'll keep Muffy in our prayers too.


Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 3:17pm PST 
Ohh! How horrible!! My boyfriend Hambley had to have an Operation but he was back in no time and ten times better!! She'll be fine and we'll keep her in our prayers!
Pugs and kisses,