How long will Canned Food last...

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Barked: Sun Sep 30, '07 6:24pm PST 
...after it has been opened? Refrigerated, of course.

A Doggie Scholar
Barked: Sun Sep 30, '07 6:26pm PST 
I say it's the same as any food that's in the fridge. A few days at most....

Barked: Sun Sep 30, '07 6:29pm PST 
I've heard that it lasts Four days in the fridge


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Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 12:31pm PST 
I've had lots of experience with this! Having a 8lb dog that eats a smidgen of wet food twice a day and only finding the large cans of dog food is quite annoying... it goes bad before you can finish it all! For Gunner, after the 5th day of it being open in the refridgerator, he throws up. So I cut the can in half, one portion being enough to feed for 5 days and froze the other portion. Thaw it out on the 6th day and voila! No puking or anything.

So about 5 days. If you can't feed the entire can, once you open it, divide it up into 5 day portions and freeze the rest.
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Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 5:35pm PST 
Well, Mom usually doesn't have much of a problem with letting food go to waste, considering how big my pack is. laugh out loud Very rarely does she ever find herself needing to refrigerate anything.

Depending on how well you cover it, it could last from one day to four days. Whenever I do refrigerate canned food, I cover it very well so that the food doesn't taste like the refrigerator. I don't even think Daisy, Bear, Casey, or Taz even taste their food they inhale it so fast, but Chico and Chii are very picky and have to have their food just so or they refuse to eat it. laugh out loud

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Barked: Thu Oct 4, '07 6:35am PST 
My opinion is DON'T leave it in there for more than 5 days without a cover!! Trust me!silenced

Firefly finishes up a can in 4-5 days anyway. They will stink after the 5th day though!

I use USA Made Can covers to snap onto my cans. Keeps them fresher so they last 7 days.

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Barked: Thu Oct 4, '07 7:35am PST 
I dont keep it more then 2 days, he dislikes the fridge taste.

I solemnly swear- that I am up to- no good
Barked: Thu Oct 4, '07 1:02pm PST 
Question, is it safe to keep a can in the fridge? Someone told me that it's unsafe to leave them in the fridge.