What is your Birthday?

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♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Thu Oct 30, '08 10:19am PST 
partypartypartypartyYAY Our list is growingpartypartypartyparty
Robin Hood - RIP 2003 - 2016

Feared by the- Bad, Loved by- the Good
Barked: Sun Nov 2, '08 5:27pm PST 
wavewavewavewave Hey Ya'll

Robin Hood here!! My woofday is Aug 8th. I will be 6 yrs old

Razzles- "Dazzle"-sweet- as the candy
Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 9:11am PST 
Hi Leika!!! Where are you??? dog

Razzles is 23 Sep 2004
Gravy is 20 Jan 2006
Biscuit is 21 Nov 2006
Chuchi was born 21 Mar 1991 (RIP) little angel
Nikita was born 24 Jan 1992 (RIP) little angel
Atom (Nikita's Atomic Fireball) was born 1 Aug 1996 (RIP) little angel


Me First, Me- First!!
Barked: Mon Nov 10, '08 6:17pm PST 
Hey Razz & gang! Looks like we'll be celebrating Biscuit's woofday soon! hamster dance

Im a clever- Angel..hehe
Barked: Sat Nov 22, '08 11:57pm PST 
mine and my brother s birthday is March 1, 2008 cheer
Kelly - Our Angel At- the Bridg

Mr. Fatty-Pants
Barked: Mon Nov 24, '08 9:59am PST 
Mine is this week - 11/28 - I will be 5! Mum is having a party at Doggie Day Care, and her friend Gail is making mini-doggie cupcakes for me and my friends! I so hope there is extra!! Mum is making cupcakes for the day care staff and Mummy found balloons and stuff on the internet so it will look like a real party!! My friend Billy will be so excited - Mum even got him a hat so we can have our picture taken - I hope he does not try to pick me up again though! I have a bandana to wear that Mum found at Hobby Lobby - she has to get it together tonight and iron on my initial and the "Happy Birthday" saying she got, otherwise I won't look special and no one will know that is why I am wearing the bandana. Daddy says my doggie friends will not be able to read it anyway - but we don't care - Mummy will stay up all night if she has to!!
Lance Mackey

Just call me- Chewacca or
Barked: Thu Dec 18, '08 10:27am PST 
Birthdays (actually addoption dates and approximate years of age but assignmed birthdays none the less):
Lance 12/22/05
Sadie 12/06/06
Natasha 91-00✞

Always in our- heart
Barked: Sun Dec 21, '08 9:47pm PST 
Dec. 17 thparty

aka lil batty!
Barked: Tue Dec 23, '08 12:52pm PST 
mommy said i was born on 10/15/2008 snoopy

Bring back the- Reagan Era!
Barked: Tue Dec 23, '08 5:42pm PST 
Wow, Robin Hood! My birthday is August 8th, too! My birthday is 08/08/08, so it is really easy to remember!
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