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Barked: Sun Dec 16, '07 9:43pm PST 
I'm Mickey. I was on death row in the shelter. I am not a husky, but I am NOT a skunk hybrid like Cicely says either! My huskies have taught me really cool stuff. Like how to be brave, play with toys, wrestle (this is still a little scary, I am only 14 lbs), be nice to other dogs, and I turn have taught them how to bark. Mom always says "thanks Mickey" when we bark at the doorbell. I was only glad to contribute what I could. I worry a little still, before my family came along humans had not shown me good things. I love my human puppy best! He always likes to play and never takes me to the vet or puts me outside. Pleased to meet all you really big hairballs!
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Mon Dec 17, '07 1:44pm PST 
wave Welcome Faith, Cairo, Misky & Cicely to our humble abode. Please jump in and start digging your way through the threads, we have lots of fun contests and I cant wait for all the participation I know you will give. Have fun, this is a luving and warm group where you will meet lots of ne pals. Hugsm Holws & Luv Lil Miss Mya and the rest of the pack here at Husky Luvers 4~Ever. snoopy
Mika Akila- Blue

It's ALL about- ME!
Barked: Thu Dec 27, '07 8:57am PST 
Wow, guess I haven't posted yet! My name is Mika (pronounced 'Meeka'), which is short for my official name 'Rae's Mika Akila Blue'. I'm 7.5 months old and the whole world is all about me! Mom has had me in puppy kindergarten and I'm in beginner obedience now too. I've also taken an introduction to agility class. I think mom is trying to find as many ways as possible to keep me occupied and out of trouble. Heh, yeah right. One week, she was sick and didn't get me to the dog park ALL WEEK. I showed her! I chewed a nice big hole in the back seat of her Honda Element. Now who's boss! way to go

I have a pulling harness too and mom's teaching me mushing commands. I even got to pull a motorcycle tire this weekend! That was pretty freakin' cool. Dad and I went out with mom last night as she tried cross-country skiing for the first time since high school (what's high school?). Dad couldn't keep up with her, but I know I could! He needs to get his pokey butt in gear! He was holdin' me back!

I live with my big sister Tala, my little brother Yogi (he's really old and cranky, but he's littler than me!) and four cats. Boyd and I are best buds, we chase each other around the house. Fufu is too old and cranky to play, Muse hides when he sees me and Poe tries to beat me up when I get too close. She doesn't realize I just wanna play!!kitty


Can I go- outside? Can I?- Can I?
Barked: Thu Dec 27, '07 9:00am PST 
My name is Tala. I'm Mika's big sister and I'm here to tell ya, she is a PEST! When mom brought her home, hoo boy was I ever ticked! Not only do I have to share mom and dad's love with her, but she had REALLY SHARP LITTLE FREAKIN' TEETH. She's lucky I'm such a patient wonderful gal or she'd have been a pup-pie for my dinner!

Now that she's grown up a bit, learned some manners and those little razor teeth have gone away, she's not too bad to hang out with. She's helped me lose weight, which helps my hip displaysia and now I can run again, so I guess I can't hate her too much. She's the only one I can roughhouse in the dog park without mom yelling at me too. I guess I'll let her stay.
♥ Bear ♥

Barked: Tue Feb 12, '08 2:09pm PST 
Woof! My name is Bear and I was saved from death by my new mom. She arrived at 4:30 pm on the day I was scheduled to be euthanized at 6:00 pm. She had responded to an emergency plea to save me, and it worked!

I have only been in my new loving home just barely a month now, but I am one big happy boy! I already have Mom and Dad wrapped around my big paws! Oh, and my baby sister, Betina, thinks I am absolutely the neatest thing ever!

Shy guy
Barked: Fri Feb 22, '08 10:59am PST 
hello, my name is Shindler, I am a year old. My mom and dad rescued me from the pound. I am 1 year old. I have a little brother named Cloud who came to live with us 5 months ago. He is a Husky and he has already outgrown me. We live in Kentucky and we love to play. I personally dont like people other than mom and dad, people are scarey. But Cloud just loves people. We are happy to be here in this group, thanks for inviting us.

I'm having- fun
Barked: Wed Mar 5, '08 5:48am PST 
Hi everyone, My name is max. I came to live with my mommy when I was 6 weeks old. Daddy calls me a total mommys boy. That is alright by me. Mom couldn't have kids so I'm her baby along with my sisters and brother. I have a older sister name Doodles and she is a Iguana watch out for her tail. My other sis is younger her name is Baby she is a Bearded Dragon. Now my brother is the baby of the family his name is Piglet he is a Leopard Tortoies. My likes are having belly rubbed and walks and my all time favorite is to have mom fill my kong toy with peanut butter. snoopy Dislikes my aunt Lady when she jumps all over me. She is younger than me.

Summer lovin fun- in the sun.
Barked: Thu Mar 6, '08 12:52pm PST 
Yeah, I've been here awhile just never really thought of introducing myself but I'm doing it now yay!

My name is Mufasa I am 4 years old, I am a mix. I know for sure I have Alaskan Malamute in me but otherwise my mommy has four guesses as to what I may have. Chow Chow well obviously you can see that. Golden Retriever because I have them webbed feet, I am also good at hunting, I try to hunt the rabbits, I also have that mellow attitude at times(the other times I have teh Chow attitude), and last but not least I am very good with and signals. The last one is Sheltie, the reason for that is my size, and the fact I've tried to herd animals and people. I was born in Glendive, Montana adopted by a family who pretty much hated me. They abused me and let their kids do whatever they wanted to me. Once I was about a year old their neighbor tied a sock to the back of their pickup and drug me once I grabbed onto it. I love to play with socks. But anyways my bottom jaw got torn out and they thought I was dead but I wasn't. Then when they relized that I wasn't gonna put up with things anymore they gave me away. Then there I was negelcted and beaten yet again(not as often though). Then that person gave me away to my owner now who I love to death and never want her to get rid of me. I know she feels the same way too. I love it here I have lots of toys and love and attention constantly getting car rides. I get everything I want it's great but anyway. I am pretty mellow with kids unless they push me to growling, I don't snap anymore I used too. I love strangers, just watch my tail wag and you're invited into my area. Yeah I really can't think of anything else to say about me. If you think of something you want to know pawmail me it and I'll answer.

Born to hike in- the woods with- dad
Barked: Fri Mar 7, '08 7:11pm PST 
Hi all. My name is Wrigley. I live in Indiana U.S. I am a siberian husky. I will be 3 yrs old on june 3rd. I live with my human mom and dad and my feline brother Mittal. He is about 1yr old born about christmas time. My human dad rescued him from work. I didn't like him at first but now we are inseparable. As long as he doesn't touch my toys. I love going for walks with in the woods with my dad. We live near a state park so we go there alot. My mom and dad adopted me from a breeder when I was 8 weeks old. My dad says he fell in love with me the moment he set eyes on me. So did my mom.He held me in his arms on the way home while somebody else drove home. My first night I slept with my new parents on the bed between them. My mom used to massage me.That's been my place ever since even though I am a little too big for that. So sometimes I sleep in my own bed. Sometimes my dad lays with me on my bed. Thank u for welcoming me and hope to hear from you soon.
Fun On The- Run Kennel- Racing

'10 Junior- Iditarod, 6th- place!
Barked: Sun Mar 9, '08 12:51am PST 
Hi all!

I am General, a 9 month old Alaskan Husky who loves to run already!

I am Captain, 6 y/o General's father and leader of my moms mushing team!

I am Curtis, 3 y/0 Boy who loves to run and I go INSANE when I am left behind!

I am Hammer, 3 y/o Curtis's brother and even more insane than he is(especially at hook up!)

I am Java, 3 y/o Hammer and Curtis's sister. I will run and run until you stop or we fall off the edge of the earth!

I am Logo, 3 y/o Hammer, Curtis and Java's sister. I am an amazing young leader and I led my mommys Junior Iditarod team over 20 miles to Yetna!

I am Perl, 3 y/o Hammer, Curtis, Java and Logo's sister. I can be a good back up lead dog but I usually do the opposite of the command you give!

I am Bat Baby, 10 almost 11 y/o girl lead dog. I led mommys team on the return trip of the Junior Iditarod this year!

I am Red Skelton 8 y/o amazing wheel dog who never stops puling! One of my insane boys.

I am Flint 8 y/o Lead dog from Mitch Seavey's kennel. I love to run but I had to br dropped from moms Junior Iditarod team because I just got tired.

I am Gopher 9 almost 10 y/o. My AMAZING boy! He led me all the way to Yetna Station and all the way back to Willow in this years Junior Iditarod!

I am Chippewa 7 y/o I love to run but in the cold during the Junior Yukon Quest this year it got down to 45 below or colder and I frostbit my feet and the pads peeled off so mommy has been taking extra special care of me though i usually tear the booties off that she puts on me!

I am Vision age? from Owens kennel. Good girl whom I just got this past week and haven't gotten her a page yet.

I am Jedda age 3 from Owens. Mommy just got me so she doesn't know about me!

I am Sassy 11 y/o pet of my dad's. She is very hairy and lovable!

I am Shadow 11 y/o Sassy's brother. I love to whine all day long when I think I haven't gotten enough attention!

I am Pancake 8 y/o good old boy. He is very lovable and has to carry his bowl around so you can fill it right up!

and together we are Fun On The Run Kennel Racing!
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