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☆ Nikaya ☆

&hearts Husky- Love &hearts
Barked: Sun Mar 30, '08 9:12pm PST 
Howdy everyone! wave

I am a gorgeous (if I do say so myself) black and white Siberian Husky. I have ice blue eyes, too. big grin Yep, I know, I know. It works every time. I mean the whole blue eyed boy thing. All I have to do is bat those beauties for my mommy and she gives me whatever I want. And, she gives me lots of stuff. BOL! She says that I would break the bank if she had a bank account.


I am an only dog right now. But, I would love to have a little (or big) brother or sister. Mommy said she would prefer to have another boy. But, she has heard a lot about same gender aggression. I love the normal Husky things. Running, pulling, playing ball, mommy loving me, etc. Oh, did I mention I love to run? I can play soccer with my paws. Mommy and I actually play soccer together sometimes in the yard. She says I am way too fast for her. But, she also said I have an advantage. I have two more legs than her. laugh out loud

Just thought I'd introduce myself since I just joined the group. Oh, and I LOVE making new furiends. So, if anyone wants another pal, I am a really furiendly Sibe. big grin

Husky Howls and Hugs,
☆ Nikaya ☆

A real gem
Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 4:29pm PST 
cheer Hi everyfur My name is Ruby and I live in Ohio. I have been with my forever family since I was 6 weeks. I have a brother, Buddy. He is a Blue Tick Beagle. I really love the walks me and my mom go on in the woods by our house. There are always new things to scare up and see. All kinds of new smells too. Happy to be in this group. puppy

**Makes my world- complete**
Barked: Thu Apr 3, '08 5:11pm PST 
Hi, Im Elektra! Im a black and white Siberian Husky X Malamute, aged 18mths. I live in Wales in the UK and havent yet seen snow!! Mums promised to take me up to the mountains next winter.
Im a total baby and promise to never grow up!
Oh, I also like to eat, anything!!!

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I can get into- or out of- anything!
Barked: Fri Apr 4, '08 8:03am PST 
Hi I'm Sasha, I live in the NW Suburbs of Chicago with my mom and dad and little human sister. I also have a big brother Indy, he's a cocker spaniel and a 17 year old kitty in my house. Mom says we live in a zoo. She loves us all though. Thanks Lil Miss Mya for the invite, can't wait to meet more furfriends.

I'm the boss!
Barked: Fri Apr 4, '08 8:07am PST 
Hi I'm Indy (Independence when I'm in trouble) my sister Sasha (above) invited me to join. I'm a 3 year old cocker spaniel and I boss Sasha around, don't let her tell you otherwise I'm the boss.

Bravissimo..a- dog who knows- his business
Barked: Fri Apr 4, '08 8:26pm PST 
I will speak for my pack. I am Bravo, a four year old Siberian who was adopted at 8 months old from California Husky Rescue. I was born with three and 1/2 legs, and I like to use my nub for various things, so I have no idea about any handicap!

Goldie just turned 15 years old and hasn't been quite as fun as she was when I moved in, but that is understandable. Pretty good for a Siberian who had lived in So Cal her whole life!

Buttons is a 10 year old cat who was abandoned and, even though Goldie had never lived with a cat, they actually got along okay. Buttons has a big crush on me, Bravo, though!dogsnoopykitty

St. Patrick's- Lucky Boy
Barked: Sun Apr 6, '08 5:16am PST 
Hi, I am Charlie. smile I am 8 years old and I am very lazy. Lol. :p I don't really do much except eat, sleep, go for walks, but when I was younger I would pull the whole family on their sled.

The only thing you shouldn't do around me is growl in my face or I will bite, other than that I am a very good boy. 8D
"Princess"- Freyja

My magic eye
Barked: Tue Apr 8, '08 5:38am PST 
Hi, I'm Freyja. I'm a husky/shepherd mix, and mommy thinks border collie too. I am just turning 1 and a spoit little princess. We just adopted a new brother who is a rottie shepherd mix. I like showing him the ropes and keeping him in line. I don't get on here much, but wanted to say hi.

Born to Irritate
Barked: Tue Apr 8, '08 7:12pm PST 
Hello all,

I'm Kosmos, and I live with my mommy and daddy and a little sister (also a Siberian Husky) name "chaos". My 2nd birthday's coming soon, and my mommy and daddy are planning a birthday party for me again. Like last year, my friends from mommy's MY Pet Husky Club will be here to celebrate with me.

I overheard mommy on the phone that day, she has ordered an organic birthday cake for me already. Yay yay!!

Stupid chaos is really jealous! Nyehahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhaha!!!

Love, Kosmos
♥~Lil- Miss- Mya~♥

Sleepy Hollow- Mya
Barked: Wed Apr 9, '08 8:02am PST 
cheer wave YAY look all the newbies, mommy is so excited, we hope you join in on the fun, feel free to start a new thread, or play some Husky games with all of our, I luv when mommy reads all the notes all of you write, she luvs getting to know my furiends. Hugs, Howls & Husky Luv Lil Miss Mya cheer wave
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