Waggers Photo Contest!


Barked: Mon Sep 24, '07 5:30pm PST 
We are having a contest!
But since I have no rosettes left,
The prize will have to be a photo.

So this is how it goes:
The photo topic is "Being Bad!"
Ex: Digging, Chewing up something, Etc..

Put your photo as your second photo on your page.

1st Prize:
~A Photo (Non-Animated--Sorry) Give me the topic you want. Sleep Over, Halloween, Etc...
~A Waggers Member Card.

2nd Prize:
~Waggers Member Card

Sorry about the prizes xD They will get better as I come across some rosettes and get my animation program working a little better. smile

(If anyone wants to donate something, Animated Photo, Rosette, Etc...Tha'd be helpful and thanked! xD)

Good Luck!

Second Chance
Barked: Wed Oct 3, '07 4:17pm PST 
LOL LOL awww what a cute contest!!! I can't catch any of my babies digging holes or chewing anything up, they like to do that when I am not home LOL smile
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Barked: Wed Oct 24, '07 7:04pm PST 
Hey sweetie!! how do we donate to you?? Let me know!snoopy


Barked: Thu Oct 25, '07 12:48pm PST 
Hey Calvin wave
Donations are like the rosette prizes or animation pictures etc.
I would give them myself but I am not to good at making animated pictures, and I have to zealies. laugh out loud
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Barked: Tue Jul 15, '08 8:12pm PST 
I have one of my sister I think it may be on her page. Dolly not CJ! She is playing with her rope. and she looks guilty of something