Collie Misconceptions

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Mr. Barky Von- Schnazer
Barked: Thu Oct 23, '08 3:46pm PST 
Hi Dawn,
My mom thinks collies are the most wonderful dogs in the world. In fact she thinks I am the most wonderful collie in the world except when I get diarrhea butt. My previous owner did not feed me right so I have a very sensitive stomach, but mom makes me special food to help my digestion. I have two pals who are at my nini's house who are shelties. They are very different from me....a little neurotic at times and barky but they are great pals of mine. I think you have a very good knowledge between collies and shelties. I hope a nice rescued collie like me can find a way to your home someday in the future and find a great family to live with just like mine.

I get what I- want or I walk!
Barked: Mon Oct 27, '08 6:05pm PST 
Well said! Not much mention of the other side of the collie coin....smooths! Our coats are even easier to care for then the rough coats!

need help moving- cats around?
Barked: Mon Jan 5, '09 10:19pm PST 
hear hear! everything you said is true of Sylvie and probably others as well.


im alittle on- the wild and- crazy side!
Barked: Sun Apr 17, '11 8:48am PST 
errrr.....i have a border collie/austrailian shepard when we go out people are always stopping me and asking"is that a miniture collie"!it ticks me off so bad anyone with COMMON SENSE would know the differance,with an exception of a few that have just fell off mars!my dog has only bathed 3 times since ive had him.and hes almost 2 years old.he DOESNOT have that doggie odor as you were saying and is very clean looking all the time.he is also very very intelligant and a very LOYAL DOG.he was found in a ditch at about 6 weeks old.i believe that he was HEAVEN SENT..
Alva BH

I ordered the- best dog for me- & got her
Barked: Sat Sep 29, '12 2:22pm PST 
Yeah, collies aren't Lassies, they're even better. Or at least Alva is. But my enthusiasm about dog training could be an explanation...

I've been asked a couple of times: "So, this is that middle-sized collie, right?" What? Middle-sized? Like there was miniature and giant version of collie breeds among smooth and rough collies... I do understand that laymen can confuse shelties and collies and think shelties are mini-collies but where on earth they have found that idea of some middle-sized collie? Maybe it's a confusion too. I tell them that there is only one breed called rough collie, the other is smooth meaning shorter coat and what they think as mini-collie is actually a totally different breed called shetland sheepdog. So no other Lassie-look-alikes in any size. And then they answer me that Alva looks so small. That collies were bigger when they were young. I'd say those people were smaller back then. Alva is actually 1 cm over the breed standard according to FCI (but fits in the AKC standard, would even be small).

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