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Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 6:18pm PST 
Here is a thread where you can post if you know any pup or kitty or even a human who needs prayers. hug
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Barked: Sat Sep 8, '07 6:20pm PST 
Please pray fur our friend, Molly. She is only 5 years old and she is undergoing chemotherapy treatment fur cancer. cry Molly is such a sweet pup and her family is very good peeps. We love ya, Molly.
hug hug hug hug
Penny, Zelda, Teddi Sue & Link
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Barked: Sun Sep 9, '07 9:32pm PST 
Please pray for animals who are being abused. I hope they find a good home. No animal deserves to be abused. I hope animal abuse stops and people relize that animals have feelings.


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Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 6:21pm PST 
Please pray fur Jombie. She had a stroke this morning and she needs our love and prayers. Here is a cross post from Jombie's family:

This morning, around 8:30 AM, Jombie had a stroke. We took her to the vet right away, she was treated, and came home OK. I went to work at two, came home at ten, and Jombie is not able to walk. When I pick her up, she's in a great deal of pain, so she's now resting on a bed.
Please keep her in your thoughts, it will mean so much,
Thank you,
The Bradley Family
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Barked: Sun Sep 16, '07 6:27pm PST 
Sadie needs our prayers. Here is a cross post from the Plus Friendly forum:

today I got really sick after playing. Mama & Daddy rushed me to the Vet. I have stomach bloat with possible spleen torsion.
The Vet got me stablized & then we has to drive TWO hours to the Vet ER specialist.

Mama, Daddy, the little boy & canine Mitchell are very scared & sad. I've having surgery right now

please send prayers & healing vibes
Miss Sadie & family