Thought Fur The Week... 8/26 - 9/01/2007

♥Penny Ann♥

True love has- put a wag back- in my tail!
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 12:00am PST 
If you have an idea fur a ' thought fur the week ', pawlease pawmail me. I'd be super happy fur any suggestions! Each week I'll post a thought in the group forum and during the week all you pups and kitties can pop in and give your opinion or woof or meow whatever you like! Any ideas on a better way to do this... to make it more fun and interesting... are also welcome.

Okay! Our furry furst thought of the week!:

Squirrels are very annoying! Whatchya all think 'bout that?! shrug
♥- Amber- ♥

Amee- Luvs- Sammy
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 9:26am PST 
Ohhh no!!! I have always Luved squirrels!red face Maybe cause my mom and dad luv em, and actually feed em peanuts!!! I guess I'm unusual cause from what I've hurd, us pups are supposed to chase emshrugshrug
Well, I'll leave that to the rest of ya! I LIKE EM!!!!hughug

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♥- Skye♥

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Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 9:30am PST 
I don't think so!!!!big laughbig laugh
I think Amber is a lil crazy, she actually "likes em"shrugshrugshrug
I thought they were around fur us pups to try to catchshrugshrug
I Luv them alright,*giggles* to CHASE!!!!!big laughbig laugh
way to goway to go


Spanky+- the- Gang
Barked: Sun Aug 26, '07 9:34am PST 
Well, I just don't know what to think*scratchs his head*shrugshrug
Amber says they nice and don't bother us, and I do think they've kinda cute lookin........... but.........sister Skye takes off chasin them in the yard, and I must confessred face..........I can't help it.........I'm right there with herred facered facered face
Mom says, spanky what would you do if you ever caught one?shrug
Hhmmmmm..........thats a good questionthinkingthinking
Teddi Sue- *HOME*- furever!

Truly devoted to- my Spanky 4ever
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '07 8:56pm PST 
I'm with Skye on this! way to go Squirrels are definitely fur chasin'! I mean, did ya ever hear the way they sit an' laugh at ya?! They are real stinkers! laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud Hey, Spanky! Maybe we can chase squirrels together sometime! cloud 9 dog
Bingo- (6/13/83 - 4/19/97)

Dad\'s- fishin\'- buddy
Barked: Mon Aug 27, '07 9:09pm PST 
Squirrels are the brattiest, peskiest little varmints! I'm sorry, but those little brats used to sit up in the Hazelnut trees over my dog run and they would actually laugh and throw nuts at me! *grrrr* That's just not nice! frown I did get to have a moment of satisfaction one time! One of those little wise-guy squirrels was so busy laughin' at me that he lost his grip and tumbled down into my dog run with me! dog dog dog eek I had a nice, quick little game of "toss" with that bugger, 'til Dad distracted me fur just long enough that the little pest made a quick exit and escaped... unharmed, but very, shall we say, 'shaken'! way to go That's what they get! Of course, up here at The Bridge, I would never play toss with a squirrel! We have fun chasin' 'em, but it's all in fun. snoopy
♥Zeld- a- Marie&hearts- ;

Barked: Mon Aug 27, '07 9:16pm PST 
Hmmm.... thinking well.... I have to say yes! Squirrels can be very annoying. dog I really hate it when they try to sneak into my dog pen! They run all around it on top of the wooden fence! I'll bet they sneak in and play in there when us Tater Tots are in the house! *grrr* Penny Ann says they just like to tease us by running on the fence. She says they think it's funny to watch us run and run and try to catch them, cuz they know we can't! Now that doesn't sound like a very nice furiend to me! Hmmf! dog
Chatchi- (R.I.P.)

In Memory of- Chatchi
Barked: Wed Aug 29, '07 1:30pm PST 
I dont like squralls, I agree they are annoying.

Miss Barky Pants
Barked: Thu Sep 13, '07 8:58pm PST 
hmmm I've never actually saw a squirl before so I dont know what to think about them.
I saw a bunny once and wanted to play with it, but he ran off in the bushes frown
♥Penny Ann♥

True love has- put a wag back- in my tail!
Barked: Sat Sep 29, '07 5:26pm PST 
red facered facered face That was jus' about the looongest week ever! red facered facered face I have to admit, we've been real busy, still tryin' to get back to everypup an' thank 'em fur all the rosettes, stars, pawmails and prayers that we all got when Teddi Sue was ... lost... then more when she came back home! What alot of super kind, loving and supportive furiends we have! Not to mention very patient, as they wait fur months on end fur a response! red facered facered face

So, anyways... I'm thinkin' of a new thought fur this week. If nobody has posted one by tomorrow (Sunday), I'll post one. Thanks fur stickin' with us an' not giving up on this! big grin hugway to go

Oh! If anyone does think of a good thought fur the week, post it in a whole new thread titled "Thought Fur The Week... 10/01/2007", okay? Thanks! hug

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