DC WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!! ( please introduce yourself here! )

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LaSsiEϰ- 4;Angel- Loved

Doggie- Connection
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 3:35pm PST 
cheerWelcome to DC!

Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 4:08pm PST 
Hi all, Babs here! Thanks for inviting me to join your group. I'm not on very often because of my little foster brother. He tries to type alot but he can't spell worth a poop. If you don't see me online, I'm probably reigning over my other families members. Someone has to referee this group of wild dogs and since I am the only one with stripes I volunteered myself to be in charge. It's good to be the Queen. : )
Buddy "Sweet- Angel"

Please- Opt to- Adopt
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 5:18pm PST 
wave Hi Babs!!! Welcome to DC!

Scooter- (Psst on the- left)

I'm the cute- one!! Rrrrrr.
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 6:43pm PST 
Hey everypup - Scooter here & my sister Misty as well. We had the greatest walk today and will be chasing bunny rabbits in our dreams tonight.
Wanted to say hi to all you pups.

Scooter & Misty

Everyones mamma
Barked: Sat Feb 23, '08 7:09pm PST 
Hi all ou pups! Will try to be on as much as possiable but my family is very busy and I get to run all over our 5 acres all day... ZI get a little lost playing with the bunnies sometimes too. I am thrilled to be here!cheer
LaSsiEϰ- 4;Angel- Loved

Doggie- Connection
Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 12:36am PST 

bark us up anytime...Welcome to DC! hug

Small but mighty
Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 9:33am PST 
Hi all, Cocoa, Nicki and Harley D here in AZ, we might not be able to get one everyday but will check in whenever we can. Cocoa is a Shih Tzu/Bishon, Nicki is an English pointer and Harley D is a Shih Tzu/Pom. We live in AZ in the winter but go to WI for the summer. We love going boating and fishing, and if Mom or Dad get a small fish they give it to us to play with. Cocoa was the first to figure out that if we watch that bopper thingy there is a fish on the end when it goes underwater, then we can bark and maybe get the fish, fun.
In AZ we live in a very rural area, no paved roads and not too many people so we can run in the desert and have the whole place to ourselves. We are looking forward to meeting new fur friends. Bark backwave
♥- Maggie- ♥

Adopt a- Shelter- Dog!
Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 4:24pm PST 
wave Hi everybody!! You'll love this sweet group! cheer

mutt but- LOVED!!!
Barked: Sun Feb 24, '08 9:55pm PST 
waveHello, i'm Zeus, thanks for inviting me to join the group.I'm the only one in the group for now, so i'll speake on behalf of all of us.dog
We live in radnor, WV, and are a BIG furmily.Because of that, we all share the puter.I think the the purr machines get more time than us woofs..BOL.
cloud 9We are all spoiled completely, and each of us get our own special time.
For myself, I love going outside and visiting the neighbors(all dads family). I am waiting for spring so I can stay outside and play, mom says it's too cold.cry
Come and visit the furmily..moms been working on our pages.
Look forward to meeting everyone.
LaSsiEϰ- 4;Angel- Loved

Doggie- Connection
Barked: Mon Feb 25, '08 12:58am PST 
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