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Did someone say- chicken?
Barked: Sat Aug 18, '07 2:59pm PST 
Welcome to the PawSpot Town Hall. This is a very important area here in the town of PawSpot. Here, you may:

~ Request your town membership card
~ Make a sugesstion
~ Ask a question regarding PawSpot
~ Request to move out of town

More options will be coming soon!
♥ Nebraska Pack

Big Gun Pack
Barked: Mon Aug 20, '07 11:24am PST 
Kewl smile

We aren't moving out, cept maybe into the country..BoL We need lots of room to roam about...

We- Shall- Remember
Barked: Thu Aug 23, '07 7:57pm PST 
Restaurant ideas...I live for food...bol..Mom keeps putting me on a diet and I sneak into the cookie boxshh when she's not looking..

A nice outdoor cafe` setting..

Menu..Fresh jerky treats, like chicken and deer and turkey and beef....
Filet mignon..bloody


SAMSON - aka - Sir Barks-A-Lot!
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 4:55am PST 
wave Reesee

Sadie that's a good idea!

Maybe we can have a "Yappy Hour" one day a week, where we all meet and yap it up with eachother at a certain time at the new restaurant!

Reesee - I need a membership card please (when you have the chance)

Luv everyfur
♥Mayb- elle♥

~~~It's all- about me!~~~
Barked: Fri Aug 24, '07 2:57pm PST 

I think maybe we should have a comment box. Fur suggestions, and comments and stuff?

Daddys- Princess
Barked: Sat Oct 6, '07 5:01pm PST 
did I ever get a member card?
♥Mist- y♥

Tummy rubs?
Barked: Sat Oct 6, '07 9:21pm PST 
Can I get a town membership card?

found his- soulmate,Suvi
Barked: Sun Oct 7, '07 2:21am PST 
Jake and I would like oone too

Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Wed Nov 28, '07 12:28pm PST 
I would like a town membership card
HedwigGir- ★

Barked: Wed Nov 28, '07 12:41pm PST 
Defintly me and my furmily would like membership cards
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