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Alex CGC,- TD

I`m cute and I- know it
Barked: Tue Jan 8, '08 7:43am PST 
wave My sweet Princess firend. Hieverybody I`m new here My name is Alex and I am 3 years old. I just started Puppy Preschool yesterday, which was not my idea I might add. Anyway I like going to new places and exploring. I am friends with HRH Princess and I have seen some of you around at other places. I hope to make some more friends. Feel free to check out my page. Oh yeah and my mommy likes to call me a Prince. You all can call me Alexander or Alex if you would like.
Nikki My- Sweet Angel

My eyes say it- all
Barked: Tue Jan 8, '08 7:48am PST 
wave Everyone for those of you i haven`t net yet my name is Nikki. I am a 7 year old huskey and Alex`s big brother. I like being around other pups and making new friends. I am helping out Miss Molly and some of the others with the election, but mostkly it is Miss Molly who I am helping out. Please feel free to check out my page .I like to play sports and go exploring. I also like to run and play.

Barked: Tue Feb 5, '08 8:54pm PST 
Hi Everyfurwave

My name is Max. I am 4 years old and I'm a new member. I am a little shyred face, but I hope to have a lot of fun and to make lots of furfriends.snoopysnoopysnoopy

Wags & Smiles,


Adopt-Don't- Shop!
Barked: Wed Feb 6, '08 3:25am PST 
Hello Maxwave

I am Miss Molly. I think you will make alot of friends around town. Come to any of us for ANYTHING!big grin

Where There's- Snow, There's- Sleeping!
Barked: Tue Jul 8, '08 3:43am PST 
Give me a P!cheer Gime me an A!cheer Give me a W! cheer Give me an S!cheer
Give me a P!cheer Give me an O!cheer Give me a T!cheer What's that spell?
Paw Spot!
Dear Pawspot,
I love joining groups! I'm happy most of us gave me a warm welcome. I just love Dogster! I've learned to love it! Also, I hope to have much fun here in this very group! I just don't know what would happen to me with out you guysshrug. Thanks for welcoming me in Paw Spot you guys!
I'm looking forward to having fun with you guys! laugh out loud

Woofs and Barks,

laser- dot!...laser- dot!...laser- dot!...
Barked: Fri Aug 15, '08 10:48pm PST 
Hi there! I'm Schatzie a 2(ish) year old Cockapoo! Always happy to have new furfriends to chat with!

go see, go- sniff, go taste,- go, go, go
Barked: Wed Oct 1, '08 1:53pm PST 
Hi everybuddy I'm Quincy and i'm one year old and 13 days. I know this is the spot for my pawse to be in.

Best kisser- Seizure dog
Barked: Tue Oct 7, '08 5:16pm PST 
Hi everyone My name is Bandit and I am new to Dogster and I thought this group looked like a nice place to meet some more pup pals and maybe even some catsters too I'm not really sure about the cats but,eek this is a big place and as long as noone scratches me I am ok .. puppykittyhappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance
shall we party???? party Check out my page to learn more about me if you would like..thinking
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